Kolton H. 3


Kansas City USA   Jan 2009

Artist Bio

Influences:   Assemblage 23, Front Line Assembly, Grendel, Seeming, Encephalon, Massive Attack, Haujobb, Neuroticfish, Mind.in.a.Box, Front 242, Frank Klepacki, Rob Leytham

2017, 9 years of FAWMing.

This year I'm looking for more constructive criticism. I've released my first EP and it's time to start really focusing on perfecting my music.

As for that EP. Check it out on my bandcamp.
It's up as "pay what you want" for the entire month.

My music can best be described as dark electronic music, with elements of industrial, drum & bass, trip-hop, ambient, and trance mixed in. Heavily seasoned with a dose of cyberpunk, sci-fi, dystopianism.

Feel free to play any of my songs on a podcast, radio show etc. If you let me know I'll listen in/promote the show.

My email is cryounitmusic@gmail.com. 😀


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  • @solarrainuk  Feb 18

    Glad you enjoyed Solitude, I thought it would make a nice change too! It's refreshing to just sit and do a simple piano improv. and not worry about all the technical craziness with the electronic stuff 😀

  • @audrey  Feb 17

    Thank you so much for your very kind comment on my Christmas song piano part. Now, to see if I can get a good vocal recording of the singing parts.

  • @zxcvbnm  Feb 2017

    Sorry I missed your message, good luck

  • @alphanerg Feb 2017

    Thanks for the comments. If it makes you want to dance, it certainly is a win! 😀 I feel like you are always asking me about my samples, which is fitting since i spent a lot of time hunting them down! That sample is from this old short called "Your Name Here". It's pretty funny actually: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLiMa...

  • @juoppis  Feb 2017

    Thanks for your comment on The Default Configuration 😀

  • @piney  Feb 2017

    Thanks much! Sorry it wasn't very long. I had a hard time filling the space so I made it short. Now that I have some ideas maybe I can play with it more later on 😀

  • @clioem  Feb 2017

    Actually you should get the book (hint hint!) because that's a bit of a plo twist awaiting you, if you read scifi 😉
    Thank you for your kind feedback!

  • @cblack  Feb 2017

    Thanks for the comment! 😀

  • @engebretsen  Feb 2017

    Thx for nice comments on Dream catcher!

  • @jacobeverettwallace  Feb 2017

    Thanks for the nice comment! Yeah... the trick is close-mic everything and apply lots of a reverb! Haha

  • @heuristicsinc  Feb 2017

    Thanks for the comments. No, "Saturn" was all GURU (drums), Nave and Massive (synths) if I remember correctly. No samples. BTW I think this track from your album "Neon City Streets" was one of my favorite tracks last year - I gotta get a copy!

  • @zxcvbnm  Feb 2017

    Yes I can do WAV and although I have dropbox I've hardly used it. Presumably I just share a file to your email or can I use your FAWM address? I've sent a test.doc file, hopefully to your e-mail.

  • @zxcvbnm  Feb 2017

    Hi again, Good to hear from you, I'm a VERY basic gutarist, I accompany myself playing finger picking patterns. When you talk about guitar loops would you like mp3 or what? I usually use Reaper as a Daw. Again I'm a bit ignorant, what is the best way to send them, would I post them on Soundcloud?

  • @ryako  Feb 2017

    Thanks for your comment! That was so nice of you. For strings, I used Spitfire's Albion. They're the best sounding strings I've found so far.

  • @alphanerg Feb 2017

    Hey man, I want to do FAWM again this year, but i'm not sure i will have enough time to complete it. 😞 I certainly look forward to checking out what you produce though!

  • @zxcvbnm  Feb 2017

    Hi Kolton, We have been paired in the Random Collab, I think we come from very different musical backgrounds, so that should work perfectly. Let me know how you see it and I'll string along.

  • @popmythology  Feb 2017

    Sent you some words. They're not much on their own, but with your music it could be cool.

  • @popmythology  Feb 2017

    Thanks for that awesome comment, Kolton! Y'know, even if I only write three or four sets of lyrics this year, I'm hoping one of them might be something I could send to you (if it seems up your alley). I definitely wouldn't mind an annual tradition of doing a collab with you every year!

  • @eighteenisnine  Feb 2017

    Thank you for the nice comments on my pieces!

  • @caterwauler  Feb 2017

    Thank you for your kind words on Mojo's profile. <3
    Hope you have a great FAWM. 😀

  • @solarrainuk  Jan 2017

    Thanks, good to see you back again too! Looking forward to hearing what new electronica you come up with 😀 Have fun!

  • @popmythology  Jan 2017

    Like, I am genuinely super honored that one of your favorite songs that you've done was a collab with me. Thanks for the shout-out!

  • @sciren  Jan 2017

    Here we goooooo! Will be checking this page frequently this month!

  • @torniojaws Jan 2017

    Thanks, good luck!

  • @popmythology  Jan 2017

    Hey, Kolton! Thanks for the welcome message. It was so very nice to see that... and to see you as well. 😀

  • @mdavisto Jan 2017

    Yessssss back again! Dude I've been looking forward to this for so long! MAKE STUFF FOR ME TO LISTEN TO ALREADY

  • @ptr Jan 2017

    Looking forward to hearing another year of great music from you 😀