T.C. Elliott 25


Columbia USA   Jan 2008


Artist Bio

Influences:   Bottle Rockets, Holy Modal Rounders (Stampfel and Weber), Norman Blake, Hendrix, SRV, Buddy Guy, Classic Rock, Bluegrass, The Blues, Neil Young

If Neil Young and The Holy Modal Rounders had a litter of baby songwriters the runt would be T.C. Elliott

T.C. has written over 800 songs and at least one of them doesn't suck.


Songs (25)

#1 Another Shot Rings Out 41
Feb 2016
#2 Sleep Is For The Weak @phlex 27
Feb 2016
#3 Still Love Me 16
Feb 2016
#4 Children Of The Revolution (Political) 13
Feb 2016
#5 I Like p0rn 23
Feb 2016
#6 Lost Again @wen 11
Feb 13
#7 When The Red Legs Do Ride 13
Feb 13
#8 Your Kiss @ajna1960  15
Feb 14
#9 Lucky Day 11
Feb 15
#10 Walk Away @phlex 8
Feb 20
#11 Ghosts 4
Feb 21
#12 Anonymous (Now You're Gone) 9
Feb 21
#13 Bus Pass (Transportation Skirmish) 9
Feb 21
#14 Won't You Please Come Home 7
Feb 23
#15 (Robert Smalls) Captain Of The Sea 7
Feb 24
#16 How Will I Miss You 9
Feb 26
#17 Your Wooden Chair 3
Feb 27
#18 The Dragon's Eye 17
Feb 27
#19 (Love Is Contagious) I Don't Want To Fall In Love 12
Feb 28
#20 Fork In The Road 10
Feb 28
#21 Breaking The Silence 6
Feb 28
#22 Ain't No *Effing Western 13
Feb 28
#23 Lightbulb Ghosts @phlex 11
Feb 29
#24 (please don't be a) Delicate Flower 5
Mar 1
#25 A Place To Hold Onto 3
Mar 1


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  • @iveg May 5

    Thanks so much for the spoken word. I just had a quick listen while I was doing something else. My first impression was that I'll move what I had for bridge to verse 2, and use yours as part of bridge. Thanks so much for helping me out!

  • @mikeskliar  Mar 15

    thanks for checking out the political abyss remix! havent been here as much as i'd like in march, - hows your album project coming along?

  • @audrey  Mar 14

    Thank you for listening to "Downsize to Us" and for your kind comment.

  • @johnstaples  Mar 10

    Thank you for being a FAWM Centurion and giving more than 100 comments during FAWM 2016! You Rock!

  • @kovbleu  Mar 7

    Hey there, I can shoot you an email with some links to sites I've designed or helped people out on (with the platforms I suggested to you for "user friendly" options).

  • @johnstaples  Mar 7

    Hey T.C.! My situation is a lot like the other person who responded to your forum post in that we really do not have an affordable option for the type of website you need. We primarily work with businesses and our typical site is hundreds of pages with complex systems such as maps and calendars. Our solutions really would be overkill for what you need.

  • @headfirstonly  Mar 5

    Okay, you're next up on the Kaiju, sir. As mine was an instrumental I think it only fair to pass on the lyric of Rod's snippet, which was "we will bury you with love."

    Ending chord is d minor, drums are 135 bpm.

  • @cts  Mar 5

    Aw man, don't even sweat it. I was more concerned about the content being offensive. All is good on my end, brochacho! I'll be checking out more of your tunes.

  • @cts  Mar 4

    Congrats on the win, brochacho. So I've got a question for you - last FAWM I sent a track to you. I know it was a bit "racy" but I didn't hear back from you. Was it a thumbs up or down? No worries, just wondering. Sometimes when I veer into subject matters, it may not always translate the way I intended it to. Just curious is all...I may complete it and then I may just chuck it in the factory vault. Thanks as always for dropping by! *cts tosses up the peace sign*

  • @emplate Mar 3

    Haha, thanks for both the comment on "Until the Key Fits the Lock" and forgiving me!

  • @fearlessflight2014  Mar 2

    Thanks for all your comments, I really appreciate you taking the time to listen!

  • @popmythology  Mar 2

    A demo of "FAWM Will Tear Us Apart" has been uploaded by Liz Frencham if you ever wanna check it out! http://fawm.org/songs/54896/

  • @jendistad  Mar 1

    Oh, yes, I remember the Margarita song now. (I was wondering if my brain fog was too thick for the appropriate memory to surface.)

    Thanks for your kind compliment. I always feel bad that I don't get to do much listening during February anymore. But, I usually find myself rather busy with behind-the-scenes stuff. Still, I'm glad to be able to help keep this place going.

  • @jendistad  Mar 1

    TC, have you and @ericdistad ever collabed on a song? I can't think of one, and that seems a real shame. There was no way Eric could have done it this year (he was working an average of 90 hours/week for the better part of the month). Still, I would love it if you'd consider it at some unspecified future time...

    By the way, way to hit it out of the park: 24 songs! Clearly, I have some listening to catch up on! I'm looking forward to that!

  • @nancyrost  Mar 1

    Thanks, Bro!

  • @nancyrost  Mar 1

    I never did end up getting to that backing track you sent. If it's okay with you, I'd like to hang onto it for 50/90 - or perhaps sooner. It's been a great FAWM, and I look forward to catching up on listening!

  • @brrrse  Mar 1

    It has been a great pleasure interacting with you this month. I'm glad to have met you, and look forward to seeing you at 50/90 and between then on the intarwebbz . Thank you.

  • @williamhaight Feb 29

    Thanks so much for getting me involved in this. I've enjoyed meeting some of the other fawmers, collaborating, and just producing so much music. Some of it I may never play again, but some of it I really like. Of course I like all my songs (almost) when they are first completed. They are like your children. It takes a while to get an objective view. I don't know how you do 23 and work at the same time. Thanks again.

  • @candle  Feb 29

    Thanks for the great comments on Connor's Drummer's Finalé & my ½ song Dead & Back. Glad you stopped by to listen this year. I have to catch up on my watchlist - my plan for March.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @clioem Feb 29

    So happy you like it!

  • @standup  Feb 28

    Thanks for listening to the "Contagious" tune. Love the Faces, though I wasn't consciously trying to cop that feel... But I'm honored you heard that at all...

  • @marvsmooth  Feb 28

    I'll be over Sunday night to get some listening in (while I'm driving around for work).

    I'm sorry - time's been a difficulty this month.

  • @marvsmooth  Feb 28

    Thank you TC, I have now finished the lyrics for Contagious - http://fawm.org/songs/63598/

    Let's see if it's what you expected?

  • @sw1n3flu  Feb 24


  • @pipewrench67  Feb 24

    Thanks for the comment on
    Anonymous (face in the crowd)
    The palindromic structure just kind of happened. I did think of another title that I was going to go with, but it would probably be better written by the artist formerly know as "Pig Farmer".
    The (quickly discarded) title is "The Unknown Shoulder" and it's all yours.

  • @phlex Feb 24

    yes!!!!!!! congrats on 14 hit tracks!

  • @brrrse  Feb 24

    Thanks for your kind words on So Hot. i enjoyed writing it and singing it

  • @dani312 Feb 23

    Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and comment on Grace!

  • @shutyatrap Feb 23

    Thanks for your comments T.C.

  • @sw1n3flu  Feb 23

    Oh wait it appears I'm getting ahead of myself. Leap FAWM!!

  • @sw1n3flu  Feb 23

    You winner, you! Bravo!

  • @trolls2 Feb 22

    thank you for your comments on my 'subway blues' song! Yes it was sad to leave the city but another life opened up here in Taos. Hope to return some day though. You never quite get NYC out of your heart.

  • @johnstaples  Feb 21

    Thanks a bunch for your kind comments on "I Hope That I Find You"!

  • @heuristicsinc  Feb 21

    Yeah, I only got to watch about 3-4 minutes of that video to pull samples. There might have been something good later but I had to start recording music parts! Thanks for the listen.

  • @brrrse  Feb 21

    Thank you for the kind words about SS Dreamtime

  • @nancyrost  Feb 19

    Yeah, go for it! I have a feeling I'll be ready to rock when I get back.

  • @nancyrost  Feb 16

    Do you have any guitar tracks you'd like to throw my way? I'm eager to do more rock!

  • @temily  Feb 16

    Hey TC, thank you so much for your comment on 'I Don't Need Somebody (I Hate You), much appreciated!

  • @yam655  Feb 15

    There were supposed to be two other people writing songs for Errol. I just got done with my second song first.

  • @yam655  Feb 15

    Thank you for the nice comment on "Mountain Corpse."

    It has lyrics up now, if you're curious.

  • @hummingbear Feb 15

    Thanks for your comment on my Snakes in the Garden lyrics. My first skirmish, pretty fun.

  • @marklberry  Feb 12

    Looking for lyrics? Three unclaimed on my wall. See if any call to you for music.
    Happy FAWM. Cheers, Mark

  • @williamhaight Feb 11

    Thanks for getting me to do this. I'm having a blast!

  • @brrrse  Feb 10

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my song Hollow Eyes!

  • @the3queens  Feb 2016

    Good to know TC! Thanks for the kind comments on supergirl and serendipity.

  • @stuartbenbow  Feb 2016

    Hi @tcelliott, thanks for your thoughts on Moonless Night. Glad you liked it. Really dug your Children of the Revolution tune on the GYAWS podcast. I'll give it a full listen this week and review more fully. Happy Fawming!

  • @cynthiawolff  Feb 2016

    watching YOU!
    nice blog too...you go with your cool self!

  • @popmythology  Feb 2016

    Just an FYI: the demo for "Starbucks Red Cup" has been uploaded by the mighty Eric Distad himself! http://fawm.org/songs/57251/

  • @popmythology  Feb 2016

    Cool! But again, no pressure!

  • @popmythology  Feb 2016

    Hey, TC, during 50/90 you expressed an interest in possible collabs. I know you've been working 12 hr. days so no pressure at all. But in case you do have time and feel up for it, I thought either of these two might suit your style:

  • @hummingbear Feb 2016

    Thanks for your comments on my first lyrics - it makes me want to write some more!

  • @hummingbear Feb 2016

    Thanks for the encouragement tonight!

  • @bootlegger Feb 2016

    Hey! Always good to see familiar faces (er.. Well you know what I mean). Hope you've been well. I always look forward to listening to your stuff every year.

  • @temily  Feb 2016

    Thanks for your comment on 'Anyhow'!

  • @pambowen1  Feb 2016

    Thanks for your review of "Jubilee", and for understanding it!

  • @famouspatrick  Feb 2016

    Thanks for the comment on "Open Up Your Mind." I enjoyed singing it.

  • @ianuarius Feb 2016

    Hey man! Thanks for the message. Have a great FAWM.

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 2016

    oh and a ps, -to answer that other q on my first song- no, that song was not 'about' jfk as such, just the whole concept of well-known assassinations, of which JFK is one but not the only one of course.. just thought the reference to the 6th floor would be evocative of the subject in general, wasn't doing a detailed analysis of jfk/warren commission, etc. and yeah, alot of 'em are 'more then one shot' but its the idea of 'one shocking event' i think.... anyway, best.. keep writing!

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 2016

    thanks for your comment on that skirmish song (and more songs about to be posted!).. to answer your q, I think i'm going to email you rather then have your soundboard here taken up with my thoughts on your political-themed question... look for an email later today..

  • @pambowen1  Feb 2016

    Hello, TeeCee, your first song is a fast start.

  • @phlex Feb 2016

    And it starts with a bang, not a whimper in sight (I hope).

  • @kathym  Feb 2016

    Just popping in to touch base.

  • @vikkiflawith  Feb 2016

    happy FAWM!

  • @cloudhopper Feb 2016

    does the fawm start time take into account the 0.6 microseconds that the earth has lost since they built that dam in china?

  • @arthurrossi Jan 2016

    Hi TC! 800 songs already?! Hope there will be some more to add to this impressive song-account after February...

  • @robs  Jan 2016

    Good luck, I liked your spintunes song!

  • @jonniegrunge  Jan 2016

    Howdy TC! Have a good FAWM!

  • @gerrybhoy Jan 2016

    Hi TC, enjoy, I'll be dropping by.

  • @michaelepic Jan 2016

    You down with 'ol TC? Yeah you know me hey man, how's it going? Glad to see you again this year!

  • @chasingandromeda  Jan 2016

    Looking forward to it!

  • @ericdistad  Jan 2016

    Hi TC! More FAWM!!

  • @odilongreen  Jan 2016

    I've been scarce around the GYAWS page lately, but I'm delighted you're here, and look forward to following you this year!

  • @dragondreams  Jan 2016

    Yo Bro! ☺

  • @writeandwrong  Jan 2016

    Hey, TC. Slowly getting around to everyone's pages before the February fun begins!! Best of luck to you this year! Always fun to hear what you do!

  • @klaus  Jan 2016

    Hi T.C. That piggy sure takes his time on the toilet. Hope you have a great Fawm 2016.

  • @owl  Jan 2016

    Hello and happy FAWMing!

  • @fourlife Jan 2016

    Hey!! Excited to see what you come up with this year! Have a great FAWM 2016.

  • @zecoop  Jan 2016

    Thanks TC!!! Finally someone gets that post, lol............
    Happy FAWMing!!!!

  • @marvsmooth  Jan 2016

    Hey TC

  • @headfirstonly  Jan 2016

    Hi T. C.! Here we go again... It's going to be great!

  • @johnstaples  Jan 2016

    Hiya T.C.!! Hope you have a great FAWM 2016! Looking forward to hearing some new songs from you! (and I promise not to argue politics at FAWM!)

  • @musicsongwriter Jan 2016

    Hi Tom, looking forward to hearing your new songs.

  • @helenseviltwin  Jan 2016

    You were talking about drums, I think, but chat thought I should see when you said, "Helen, I love you". Midi love is the best love

  • @cts  Jan 2016

    What's up, brochacho? I know several of your songs that don't suck! Remind me to hit you up later - I've got something I meant to follow up on this past 50/90.

  • @barbara  Jan 2016

    Here we are again, no matter what, when February comes. This is the nicest tradition I've ever claimed as my own. And it's good to see you here again too, TC, long-timer. It's my seventh time suiting up! Let's go snag us some songs!

  • @johncrossman  Jan 2016

    Hey old friend. Cheers from another of the class of '08. See/hear you soon!

  • @the3queens  Jan 2016

    happy FAWMing TC

  • @helenseviltwin  Jan 2016

    I kept getting notifications from the chat program that you were talking about me. Fortunately, you were saying nice things.

  • @andygetch  Jan 2016

    Hi T.C., lets do this!

  • @popmythology  Jan 2016

    Hi, kind sir. I sit in rapt attention for your masterpieces.

  • @joshlevitre  Jan 2016

    Good luck this year! I'm watching you

  • @temily  Jan 2016

    Hey TC, goodluck for Feb, looking forward to listening to your tunes

  • @wyatt  Jan 2016

    Looks like things are revving up T C

  • @caterwauler  Jan 2016

    Good to see you too. Happy FAWMing

  • @expendablefriend  Jan 2016

    Likewise! Welcome back

  • @sw1n3flu  Jan 2016

    Yeah man FAWMcast! - how difficult is it to setup/run. Do you need some help this year?

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 2016

    Can't wait to lend you an ear!

  • @sw1n3flu  Jan 2016

    DUDE. will there be FAWMcasts this year?

  • @nancyrost  Jan 2016

    Hooray, it's almost FAWM time!