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Chapel Hill USA   Jan 2012  

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Influences:   Most anything raw and loud and in-your-face catches my attention.

Okay, slow start this year. I've had some Fawmergencies...

First, on Feb 1 no less, I was ass-raped by a film crew who only found 2 small polyps. And for this my doctor bugged the fuck outta me for 5 years?! Grr...

Then I got shingles. ON MY FACE! Wtf?! Probably in solidarity to my ass. But seriously, I can't see how it could possibly be necessary for that nasty little piece o' shit virus to exist. So it's the itchiest shit in the world, but when you scratch it, it hurts like getting kicked in the nuts. What kind of god would allow this to happen?

Speaking of god: IF a christian god exists - like, you know, the white guy on a cloud with his wiener casually covered by a linen, who is interested and intervenes in everything that humans do on Earth...if that guy really exists, he fucken LOVES Tom Brady. I'm just sayin'.

I feel like I've gotten off topic here...

So, in January, I finally finished last years fawm, which turned into an album called, "We the People: Weapons of Mass Dumbass". It's a concept album and Spotify seems to be the only people that know how or care to play gapless albums :

You can buy a CD too, but I don't see why that would be necessary. CDs are so 20th century.

Anyway, so the real reason I am writing all this is to say that this fawm, I am working on the second album of my trilogy on the absurdity of American "democracy". This one is called, "Fear and Ignorinse in the Land of the Free".

Yes, yes, I know. I've broken BOTH rules of what not to talk about at a dinner party - politics and religion. Um, sorry. For those who are coming more from a place of, "Finally, a GREAT American president - a thoughtful, honest, and well-spoken MAN! This will be so good for the world!", odds are we won't be having dinner together and you may be offended at some of my observations. I encourage you to write your own trilogy that I won't listen to or troll. You can do the same here.


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  • @iwilleatyou Feb 23

    Hey thanks for the comps! I really dig that Dance in the Reign tune.

  • @deadhead  Feb 22

    Agh, I thought it was within the limit.. Now I have to remember what I was rambling on about...

    I do agree that the end is a bit abrupt. A few reasons, but mostly, I just had trouble finding a good ending to this story. I sort of wanted a third act of a follow up of what happened next, but didn't want to have the length balloon out of control. I then spent so much time on this, that I just got fatigued and decided to just end it for now. I'll probably revisit it at some point.

    As for ideas you had, I would love to hear them! Feel free to reach out over email if you'd prefer.

  • @deadhead  Feb 22

    Hey. Thanks for giving my songs a listen!

    But also, thanks for listening through my rock opera! I remember you had some nice comments about it last FAWM so it's great that you gave the rest of it a listen.

    For the question you had about the fourth stanza of the first song, It was originally written as just for the mother, and she is just giving up on life in that stanza "You've taken it all away". You question made me think of having the first go around be the mother, second go around the daughter, then they sing the outro together. I'll have to think on that, but it does work lyrically, and it has a nice symmetry musically..

  • @raygungirls  Feb 20

    I've had shingles on my face too... luckily, wasn't too painful for me, my ear did ring and hurt for a while, and half of my face froze... but, whatever. 😁
    Glad you've made it out alive, and gonna be checking out that album as soon as possible! Glad you're back!

  • @deadhead  Feb 20

    Hey, glad you could make it this year! Sorry to hear about your delays, but I look forward to listening to what you got this year!

  • @robs  Feb 19

    I listened to the album on Spotify, quite a heavy sound, amazing production (as always)! I appreciate how topical it is, and especially the long 9:40 number was intriguing. I hope a lot of people are going to listen to it!

  • @robs  Feb 10

    I'm a slow starter...

    I see you managed to show pics in your bio! I use blogger to upload photos but I guess there are many cloud sites nowadays you can use.