Benjamin J Spencer 9


  Jan 2011

Artist Bio

Influences:   Cake, Bob Dylan, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Beck, QOTSA, JSBX, The Beatles, Lemonheads, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Hole, Eric Clapton, Dinosaur Jr, Mudhoney, Silverchair, Nada Surf, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Alice in Chains, The Bronx, Mariachi el Bronx, Jimmy Eat World, The Cure

8th FAWM,... here we go!

FAWM 2011 - ONE song
FAWM 2012 - 15 songs
FAWM 2013 - 14 songs
FAWM 2014 - 22 songs
FAWM 2015 - 28 songs
FAWM 2016 - 19 songs
FAWM 2017 - 19 songs
FAWM 2018 - ???

Predominantly writing by myself and recording via Garageband for Mac.


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  • @johnstaples  1 day

    THANK YOU for hosting a skirmish or two and helping us with this FAWM Mega Super Skirmish weekend!!

    Below is what you have signed up for,

    Super Skirmish #5 - Feb 24/25
    SKIRMISH #: SS2425-H
    HOST: sw1n3flu
    EST: Sunday, February 25, 2018 7am EST
    CST: Sunday, February 25, 2018 6am CST
    PST: Sunday, February 25, 2018 4am PST
    GMT: Sunday, February 25, 2018 12pm GMT

  • @jodv  6 days

    Appreciate your comments on "The Lady", my man. "Creepy, but listenable" is pretty much my true north 😁

  • @sunnymae  6 days

    Hey SW1
    Glad you were likin' on my "You know you want It" tune
    Appreciate you dropping by for the listen!

  • @benjo  1 week

    hey bud thank you so much
    ha ha i guess i should have kept reading instead of
    going right to asking the question
    should have known he'd be missed
    thank you so much for the heads up

  • @adforperu  1 week

    Big claim, thanks man! I see you've had a busy ol' weekend... all over that this week

  • @jenniferlevenhagen  1 week

    Just listened to argh it's cold and Loved that guitar line! I agree with HAIM about more vocals, too, though.

  • @jonmeta  1 week

    Congratulations on a successful launch!

  • @benjo  2 weeks

    hey thank you so much for your kind words on white lightening
    steven did a great job thank you

  • @odilongreen  2 weeks

    Thanks for your comments on my pizza & competitive eating songs!

    And I'm eagerly awaiting your first track... πŸ˜€

  • @nancyrost  2 weeks

    Okay, I'm gonna put up an Explore The Core post!

  • @jodv  2 weeks

    Hey! Thanks as always for your encouragement. Glad to see you again for another round of FAWM!

  • @jibbidy34  2 weeks

    Ben!! Whaaaasup! Good to see ya back and hanks so much for the nice comment on my song. Skirmishes do pull out some surprising results! I like your profile pic this year...

  • @nancyrost  2 weeks

    Oh, it's an even-numbered year, that's right! Tim's also not doing FAWM. Let me think on the explore-the-core for a moment and I'll give you an answer as soon as I can.

  • @avidfanman 2 weeks


  • @tcelliott  2 weeks

    Whoa! I never stopped by to say hi. So... 'Hi!'

  • @woolford  3 weeks

    Hey. Thanks for the encouragement on β€œOMG”. It means a lot. And I hope you get it out of your head and it doesn’t escape at an inopportune moment. πŸ˜€

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  3 weeks

    I'm wearing that same hoodie RIGHT. NOW. πŸ˜€

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  3 weeks

    Hey Swine! πŸ˜‰

  • @zeroshift 3 weeks

    I don’t get notifications for some reason. Ah well. Here we go.

  • @sapient  3 weeks

    \m/ >..< m/

  • @odilongreen  3 weeks

    Hello! I look forward to once again listening to your great output, as (judging from the above) you once again surge to another FAWM victory!

  • @arthurrossi 3 weeks

    Hey! Welcome to another FAWM! Have a great time!

  • @guatecoop  5 weeks

    Great to see you again! I love your've mentioned a lot of bands in A is for Abba that I love. Great minds think alike, I guess.

  • @judypie 5 weeks

    Yeah! Or more 2.5th if I don't really count my first attempt. Don't remember how many songs I did but it was shortly after I picked up a guitar! Good luck on your 8th, hope it's enjoyable : )

  • @brrrse  5 weeks

    Hey! It's YOU! Good to see you! I'm in the Slack chat most of the time πŸ˜€ Happy FAWM!

  • @songsville  5 weeks

    Yeah, it's nice to see real data. I've looked before and never found anything that wasn't wooly. He did a super job.

  • @adforperu  5 weeks


  • @writeandwrong  5 weeks

    Best of luck during FAWM 2018!

  • @cts  5 weeks

    Hey man, good do to see you back! Hope all is well!