suziewithaz 10


Fort Lauderdale USA   3 weeks

Artist Bio

Influences:   Lucinda Williams, Amy Winehouse, Bernie Taupin, Bob Dylan, Lori Anderson, Devin Scott

I am new to songwriting but I figure I have to start somewhere. Today is a good day. Here is a good place.

Songs (10)

#1 Ginger Man 4
3 weeks
#2 Burning Bridge 2
3 weeks
#3 Red Bird 5
2 weeks
#4 Shopping While Drunk 3
2 weeks
#5 Looking for the Off Ramp 2
1 week
#6 Torguh gagh (Jiggly Worms) 3
1 week
#7 Storming 3
1 week
#8 Rage Took Form 2
6 days
#9 Fourth Second Chance 8
6 days
#10 Flirting With Disaster @acousticmaddie  3
2 days


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  • @acousticmaddie  2 days

    Hi! We got paired in the random collab. If you want you can send me the lyrics at acousticmaddie(a) or just add me to a pair. Note though I am not very comfortable writing sweet lovesongs or lullaby so I would love it if we could do anything else than that

  • @tiller2  6 days

    Welcome to songwriting, and to FAWM!

  • @szaraewela174 1 week

    Very nice profile. i love folk music

  • @yarimurray  1 week

    Thank you for listening to When It All Began and your comments. I will make time to look at your lyrics and hope you will record or collaborate.

  • @misterd 1 week

    Thanks 🙏 heaps for listening & your kind words on my song '11 kinds of blue ' 😊👍

  • @oaksnprairie  1 week

    Thank you for your comments on Snowplow. I used a Cordoba tenor with a low G on that song. It's my favorite uke. Traveling soon with a high G concert, so listen for a different sound soon.

  • @mmmmarcus  1 week

    Thank you very much for the nice comments on my collab with Colleen!

  • @colgoo  1 week

    Thank you for your kind feedback on my collaboration with Marcus. He's brilliant with producing great music and it was so fun to work with him.

  • @cindyrella  2 weeks

    I already knew who Ray Stevens and then when I worked in Branson, Missouri back in the 80's, I got to meet him too-and watch his show. 😀

  • @pambowen1 2 weeks

    Thanks for taking time to read my "Chakra Shimmy" lyrics. 😀

  • @cindyrella  2 weeks

    Thanks for your nice comments on my Valentine song!

  • @lazykat 2 weeks

    Thanks so much for your nice comment!
    Happy fawming!

  • @dannyk1 3 weeks

    Thanks for checking out Brutal Seduction and leaving your thoughts.

  • @ustaknow 3 weeks

    Happy FAWM2018!

    Nice writing!

  • @cindyrella  3 weeks

    Thanks for your nice comment on my anthem!