Steve 5


London UK   Feb 2015

Artist Bio

Sending my songs out into the world feels like pushing little paper boats out onto a big sea...


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  • @tunecat  Feb 24

    Hey Steve. Only a few more days to go. Check out the Forum - I think there might be a skirmish or two tommorrow.. its a great fun way to work (one hour to write something and post) and find new people around. Hope you've enjoyed. The songs you've posted are great.

  • @jenniferlevenhagen  Feb 22

    Also...I really like your profile pic and just read your bio. I get the sentiment - especially when it's a new experience to do so, or the song is most personal. Glad you're sharing! 👍

  • @jenniferlevenhagen  Feb 22

    Hey Steve... Yes, it's be so fun to try it a collaboration! Interesting times or another of your choosing!
    Email is :