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Nashville USA   Jan 2015  

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I hope to write thoughtful lyrics (though honestly lyrics are a struggle for me past the first hook!) and usually write with spiritual elements/themes in mind/heart. I also enjoy setting the Psalms for our evening prayer group. I am a homeschool mom with 4 kids ages 8 and under so you may hear them in the background from time to time as it's looking like one-take quick iphone demos might be the only way I'm gonna get 14 songs in this year!


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  • @aflinner  Mar 1

    Thanks, I never heard of NSAI.... I'll have to check it out!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 17

    Hey! Congrats on the FAWM win! 😁

  • @metalfoot  Feb 17

    If you're thanking commentors, it works better if you thank them on their walls, as they won't see any thanks on the songs themselves UNLESS they duck back to the song again. 😀

  • @metalfoot  Feb 14

    How would you like me to send lyrics?

  • @metalfoot  Feb 14

    Since you said you've been struggling a little with lyrics, maybe I could craft a lyric (based perhaps on a Psalm or a minor prophet passage) and send it to you to work with? Just a thought. Or if you want to send me a lyric to work with, my email address is in my profile. 😀

  • @rustyp  Feb 13

    Hey Stephie, I appreciate your input on my song "Your Grace Is Amazing."

    I did struggle with the line about God always smiling.
    I like the rhyme and the flow, but I had to go and read a bit to see if what I'm saying is biblical. I'm convinced that it is, that God's face is always shining down on us and that is interpreted by many to mean smiling. But I do struggle with the idea of God smiling, even when we screw up. That, however, is a personal struggle. 😀

    I will definitely play around with your suggestions to see if I can come up with alternatives.

    I would like to pitch songs. I think I may have to get this one evaluated by a mentor in the Christian worship song field to see what they say.

    Do you work with a pro mentor / evaluator? If that's an offensive question, please let me know. 😀

  • @nikke88 Feb 13

    Thank You for commenting lots of my songs.

    I'm totally open for collaboration. Personally I like whispering-kind-of-vocals, so those are totally cool with me. I can send you "Isabella" or I could create something new during this week. I could send the new one to you, when it's ready, so You can choose which one you prefer. 😀

    And yes, I have already one track almost ready for collaborating with @aricate Needs only a bass line from me, and I create that on Thursday. I already know what and to play bass parts, so I just need my bass guitar to record it.

  • @splittybooms  Feb 13

    Hey thanks again. Yeah these are all synthetics through 2 different programs in my DAW.

  • @metalfoot  Feb 13

    I would like to do a co-write with you some time if you're interested?
    And the demo for My Voice is up now that my voice is back!

  • @splittybooms  Feb 12

    Thanks! just kinda happened...spilled out into my DAW and just...happened lol

  • @metalfootlings Feb 11

    Only French in school. If there's a second language in this area of Canada, it's German! (-metalfoot)

  • @hazzard Feb 10

    thanks for all your awesome comments! so impressed you can do it with 4 small children! and homeschooled too. I have 2 under 5 and that's a challenge even with them gone part of the day! so impressed! keep up the awesome work!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 10

    I love music. This is my hobby. Keeps me sane. 😀

  • @metalfoot  Feb 9

    Hey Stephie! Nice to see you back 😀 Looks like I have some listening to do. Psalm settings = awesome (I'm a pastor!)

  • @bitshred  Feb 9

    HI stephie! thanks for listening to my tune. To answer your question, yes, I am singing the song twice and mixing the two tracks together. I do about 4 tracks of me all the way through. Then I pick the best one for the "lead". Then, the second best is the double. I slightly pan the double, turn it way down, and EQ it differently. Maybe even add an effect to the double but not the lead.

  • @aricate Feb 1

    Let's do this!! I can't wait to hear what you write. 😀