Joel D Canfield 6


Rice Lake USA   Jan 2006  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Roger Miller, Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Michael Nesmith, Chris Isaak, Woody Guthrie

Sorry I'm not here much. Busy prepping for our move from the frozen white north (Wisconsin) to the surface of the sun (Phoenix) June 1st, 2016.


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  • @jendistad  Mar 8

    Spinhead: Burr has updated her email address per your request. Let me know if you have any trouble. -Jen (=

  • @jendistad  Mar 8

    Spinhead, I've gotten the official word (from Eric). The change you need done cane only be done in the DB in the background. Only @burrsettles can do it. I have passed your request along to him. -Jen

  • @jendistad  Mar 1

    Hey Spinhead! I've sent your request up the foodchain, so someone who knows how to deal with the problem can get it fixed.

  • @spinhead  Feb 4

    I love watching a professional work. Gives me something to aim for.

  • @charliecheney  Feb 3

    The 10,000 hours comment hit me pretty hard mister. Thank you.

  • @mikedebenham  Jan 31

    <knocks on door, peers through window>
    Anyone home?

  • @mikeskliar  Jan 30

    to answer your question - I honestly don't do all that many co-writes, but that being said, shoot me a message on my email or something if there's something specific you have in mind...can't promise, but ya never know!

  • @cynthiawolff  Jan 28

    I'm with in California is tough..wonder if I could move back to wisconsin ??. Kinda want to. Had enough of this place...

  • @cynthiawolff  Jan 26

    Hi Joel.
    Dig your influences...
    Use to live in Wisconsin ..long beach California now..
    Have fun

  • @oddbod  Jan 18

    Hi there Joel