jamesjbarnett 27


Scottsdale USA   Jan 2017


Artist Bio

Influences:   Nick Lowe, Fountains of Wayne, Mike Doughty, Klark Kent, Guided by Voices, the Clean, the Fall, Spoon, LCD Soundsystem, Jonathan Richman

Mostly a photographer/painter. Got back into music again recently with an unofficial soundtrack for a friend's book series.

I like the forums and will contribute where I can, but I'm not really good with the critiquing, sorry! The FAWM player isn't working on Firefox/Windows 10, which doesn't help.

I do thank you all for the feedback!

This is my second FAWM, the first with lyrics and vocals. I was especially nervous about singing this year - I rarely sing, even in the car, but had to in order to do what I wanted to do this year so I sucked it up.

I posted this in the forums, and it came out pretty good, so:

For FAWM purposes, I'm happy with a verse and a chorus with chords and a melody. Now the song *exists,* and I can change it or add to it. Riffs and bridges and stuff are easy enough to find noodling, and additional verses are basically crossword puzzles once you've set up their rules (melody, meter).

You can make stuff with clay, but first you have to make the clay itself, and that's what's happening for me this month.

Songs (27)

#1 All of the Dogs 4
Feb 2
#2 Knish Cannoli 2
Feb 2
#3 What Wonders We Have Made 11
Feb 2
#4 It Was on Fire 7
Feb 3
#5 Next Time 3
Feb 3
#6 Coen Brothers Extra 9
Feb 3
#7 I'm Done 11
Feb 3
#8 Mistakes Were Made 3
Feb 7
#9 Gingerlips 10
Feb 9
#10 Whisper My Name 8
Feb 10
#11 My Chariot 4
Feb 10
#12 Rhonda Hedron 5
Feb 10
#13 Tamer of Beasts 5
Feb 10
#14 I've Got a Hobby 6
Feb 10
#15 Party Surprise 1
Feb 17
#16 Rodchenko Poster 1
Feb 17
#17 Shift the Boon 1
Feb 19
#18 Purple City Limits 1
Feb 20
#19 Don't Sleep Much 1
Feb 21
#20 I'm Fine 8
Feb 23
#21 Let's Put Our Ears Together 7
Feb 24
#22 On the Sidelines 7
Feb 24
#23 Heretofore 6
Feb 24
#24 No Wonder 8
Feb 24
#25 Get Bold 7
Feb 24
#26 No, No I'm Listening 3
Feb 25
#27 I Gotta Headache 6
Feb 25


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  • @ohkshea Mar 2

    Thanks for the comment! Definitely would love to pull together an album, just gotta bust out some more songs

  • @metalfoot  Mar 2

    You had a great FAWM! Congrats on all your new songs.

  • @cairobraga Feb 25

    is it okay to say that your profile pic makes me feel great things?

  • @tuneslayer2018  Feb 24

    You're very welcome. It's OK, to this day I can listen to songs like "I Am The Walrus" or "Tapioca Tundra" without trying to extract a deeper meaning out of them and just enjoy the words.

  • @jodv  Feb 10

    If you're still having problems with the player in Firefox, try clicking on the little lego looking thing just to the left of the URL at the top and clicking "Allow"

  • @tiedyehero Feb 9

    appreciate the kind words. it'd be cool to do some proper polishing on some recordings but I don't think i have the know-how

  • @haim  Feb 2

    Have a nice fawm!