jamesjbarnett 19


Scottsdale USA   Jan 2017


Artist Bio

Influences:   Nick Lowe, Fountains of Wayne, Mike Doughty, Klark Kent, Guided by Voices, the Clean, the Fall, Spoon, LCD Soundsystem, Jonathan Richman

Mostly a photographer/painter. Got back into music again recently with an unofficial soundtrack for a friend's book series.

I like the forums and will contribute where I can, but I'm not really good with the critiquing, sorry! The FAWM player isn't working on Firefox/Windows 10, which doesn't help.

I do thank you all for the feedback!

This is my second FAWM, the first with lyrics and vocals. I was especially nervous about singing this year - I rarely sing, even in the car, but had to in order to do what I wanted to do this year so I sucked it up.


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  • @jodv  1 week

    If you're still having problems with the player in Firefox, try clicking on the little lego looking thing just to the left of the URL at the top and clicking "Allow"

  • @tiedyehero 2 weeks

    appreciate the kind words. it'd be cool to do some proper polishing on some recordings but I don't think i have the know-how

  • @haim  2 weeks

    Have a nice fawm!