Cindy Thompson 14

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Influences:   Dolores O'Riordan, INXS, Todd Rundgren, Nancy Wilson of Heart, Stevie Nicks, Maybell Carter

I have been songwriting a few years, no top 10s as of yet. I enjoy playing guitar and own a few. Mandolin, guitarron, Cigar Box guitar, and hand percussion are interests I enjoy as well. Currently, I am engaged with my music duo (The Marginal Cinderellas) in organizing a Cranberries tribute for St. Patty's Day and a couple of upcoming gigs.


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  • @smiley Mar 20

    The St. Patty's Day tribute for Dolores O'Riordan went very well. Just the right people were there to play and in attendance. There were great performances and you could really feel the love for her in the room. We hope she would've been proud.

  • @snoozin  Mar 3

    re: Lyrics First Exquisite Corpse....actually the only info I received was the four lines at the top before my piece. I had to add to it then @w1n did a great job on the music and vocals. There was no knowledge of what was before or coming after. It's great fun. I do it every year and it always seems to hold together really well. Thanks for your feedback and congrats on the win!

  • @ustaknow Feb 27

    😀 you do get those lyrics. I find it interesting how folks "hear" things.

    When I used to Paint and show, I'd stand in the "audience" (unknown) to hear what folks "saw"... always very interesting.

    Originally I had it just -- "stone" then last minute (just prior to posting here), then added "3rd" to give some a chance to folks to know what the heck I'm speaking too 😀 -- "walk'in the stone" ... just how I "talk"...

    For a while I got heavily into "Aristotle's Rhetoric", (his book of that Title), -- to perplex my academic friends ("PhD's" 😮 ) who were always word-smithing everyone else, 😝 😮 ... man, people then, --
    spoke to save their lives, (Aristotle's time) --they knew how to "present" their "argument"... to stay alive even. Anyway... ... ...

    It's been a fun FAWM with you!! All the best, rest of the year! 😀

  • @willie70hawkins Feb 23

    Thanks Cindy, for your review of Wind.

  • @ustaknow Feb 2018

    Oh, thank you for the comments.

    Yes, interesting and good focus on your point. I had not thought of it, --great to hear the "levels" back from which others "hear" it.

    In how I twist the lyric phrase (if wondering...) ... more like no overdosing "on" spite... another worldly challenge today and in history 😀 , sadly it seems.

    Again, thank you!

  • @ustaknow Feb 2018

    Yes, when you're different *and famous... it's all love 😀

    Otherwise, imagine the first person she showed "zombies" lyrics too?

    Yes, lotsa fighting "in your head", and etcetera 😉

    I often wonder if lyrics were posted "here", (anywhere) --the reaction and why/why-not... just think'in... , gotta wonder effect...

    Anyway, thank you for the feedback.

  • @ustaknow Feb 2018

    Hey thanks for the feedback, --of the two, which version stood out to you? Call it what you like, better, worse, good, bad, preferred and --why. I was at rev 05 from the first rough demo from 5090 as I commented in the liner notes.

    Or, somehow I'm not making it clear there's two tracks in that post to comp one to the other? Let me know that, if is the case.

    Let me know if you get a chance, --good to hear from you.

  • @dreamscuba  Feb 2018

    Thanks for your comments on "Split The Seal"...smoke and mirrors on the guitars....haha....I agree, it would be better with some vocals. I would drop the main lead guitar track and just keep the wah guitar. Thanks.

  • @ustaknow Feb 2018

    Happy FAWM2018! So long as you're not turning 00, it's all good 😉

  • @snoozin  Jan 2018

    Hi Smiley....1 more sleep!

  • @smiley Jan 2018

    I am looking forward to FAWM 2018. I know I have a different outlook since turning a year older (hitting one of those ending in a zero) and I am hopeful for what will be coming out of me this year....