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Quebec, Canada   Jan 2012  

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Influences:   pixies, beatles, the who, beach boys, sex pistols, stone roses, the shadows, the hives, the kinks, green day, rolling stones, cage the elephant, ac/dc, the strokes, U2, social distortion, bob dylan, blink 182, anti-flag, guns 'n roses, transplants, the zombies

Do people really write all their stuff in a month ?

I'm gonna try to do it. I fear I won't be bale to make it.......or all the songs will be 3 chord songs with lame vocals, out of sync guitars ......basically what my songs usually sound like anyway. just kidding LMAO
...............or am I ?

I don't have a partner yet for that 1/2 song. You can hear my songs on youtube or soundcloud. If you think we could make a good song together, give me a shout!

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