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Paraguay   Jan 2018

Artist Bio

Influences:   Stuff you cant hear on the radio or any known piece of circuitry.

I dip a toe in the avant gardes, I bath in the experimental, I rub myself down with punk.
Peeps, you must approach my music as you would a wild dog who has a winning lottery ticket ducktaped to his balls.
I don't do normal, ok. If you want pretty melodies and cliches you got the wrong page.

I use guitar and drums and Kontakt.


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  • @quork  Mar 8

    Thanks for listening and commenting on "Adios Amigos". What messed me up on the solo was what I think is a key change halfway through. Didn't have enough time to figure out an appropriate scale or get a good feel for the progression. But I love that Spanish progression. Lots of fun to play.

  • @ferry0123 Mar 6


    Re: The Sad Sorry Sounds Intoxication... yeah, I like that distortion like a kid likes its toy, you got that right. And re: out of body transit... well. it's a guitar...but with all these tasty plugins it does sometimes sound like something between a guitar and a synth.

    Anyway.. thanks for your comments and moreover, thanks for sharing your music and exclusive weirdness.

  • @sapient  Mar 6

    FAWM, would be the poorer without what you do. Don't get me wrong, I like a bit of girl/guy with guitar/piano sometimes, but it's diversity that makes the world go around 😎

  • @sapient  Mar 6

    Man, what a ride!
    Thank you for inviting me back over to your page. I feel like my musical horizons have been expanded by yanking them out through my nostrils, stretching them over a mountain range for a few days, then ramming them back in place. With spoons.
    Seriously though, I seriously admire your creativity and inventiveness, and I'm really glad you shared these tunes with us 😁

  • @guatecoop  Mar 3

    Hey thanks for the nice feedback! I love feedback. It may be a bit long, yes. Also needs more dynamic variation. So the other song was fun with my brother and he's not across town....he's about a 4 hour drive from me! Modern technology is cool. Makes good things possible. Cheers!

  • @zecoop  Mar 3

    Adaptation - Almost all guatecoop and then me on bass. He's looser and more edgy than I am. In a good way.
    Joyous - Yep. A bit long, kind of on purpose and kind of accidental. (went in to write an epic 12 string) but it's going to get vocals which will make it worth it. 😀

    Thanks for the album swap - that was very fun. 😀

  • @zecoop  Mar 3

    p.s. - Cosmic Scream is *hard* to mix... Still tweaking and will be for a while, lol. There's so many guitars. btw, Brian uses a violin bow to get crazy sustain. Top secret info right there. 😀

  • @zecoop  Mar 3

    Thanks for the swap and the listens... I like what I'm reading already, because as you know... i don't do a lot of 'normal' myself. 😀

  • @thefuneralcrasher  Mar 2

    Hope to see you around in future, SM. You're a unique talent not just for your sounds...but there's something really fascinating about your whole outlook on things too. Keep up the great work. And thanks very much for all your help and encouragement over the last month or so. You've been a massive help.

  • @fuzzy  Feb 28

    Thanx for all the fantastic music this February!

  • @oblivionratula  Feb 23

    Thanks for the comment on "Where I'm Going." It's cool when the magic hits right as you're about to shut things down. Not sure I could play it again, but there it was!

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 22

    Hey man, cheers again. I had great fun writing VJS. Glad to hear it hits the spot.

  • @ferry0123 Feb 22

    Thanks, mister. Keep on bringing it on!

  • @pompeyjazz Feb 21

    Cheers Silver. Yup loving the surf geetar stuff

  • @hornesgiftshop  Feb 20

    Thanks for the comment on Matty Groves. I'm loving White Barry White.

  • @fuzzy  Feb 20

    Thanx again for the comments. Yes, harmonium, Melodica, harmonica, and accordion all have more or less the same kind of reeds. I love to pitch shift my Melodica to make it sound like other things.

  • @fuzzy  Feb 19

    The worst part of it is that the only real used record store in the entire area was flooded out this winter. A pipe froze and burst on the floor above and he lost his entire Soul, Funk, and R&B section, as I said in the song.
    I really feel bad for him; he's such a nice guy.

  • @fuzzy  Feb 18

    Thanx for the shoutout!!
    I'm so happy to be the inspiration for such an awesome track!!
    Keep that weirdness coming!!

  • @fuzzy  Feb 17

    Heck no, it would be an honour. 😀

  • @mkd  Feb 17

    Ooh, and I’ll check that band out, thanks!

  • @mkd  Feb 17

    Ha ha, apologies for the lack of harp on the Dobbing in Blues! Felt I needed a break and it was certainly refreshing for me... Thanks for your kind words!

  • @fuzzy  Feb 17

    Thanx for the comment on "Kitchen Scissors..."
    The words are actually a messed-up synopsis of the film "Eraserhead".
    I can't take credit for them; thank Wikipedia and Google Translate!

  • @fuzzy  Feb 2018

    Thanx for the comments.
    Now I have to write a song called "Freakshow Apocalypse".

  • @wacha  Feb 2018

    Thank you for your kind words on "Start Again".

  • @pompeyjazz Feb 2018

    Yeah I'm a t**t Silver. Noobie stuff eh. Glad you're still knocking out inventive and original material. Not a lot of people are

  • @fuzzy  Feb 2018

    ...and I've never heard of Georges Perec, but I just looked him up. Thanx for turning me on to him! I gotta track down his books now!

  • @fuzzy  Feb 2018

    Thanx for the comment and Thanx for getting the Pataphysics reference!

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 2018

    Thanks for the encouragement, man. No cliches! *salutes

  • @boostock Feb 2018

    Thanks for the kind words! Appreciate it! I'm on several music forums and ended up here this year, so lets see if I get this one right, I think we recognise each other from the songwriter forum uk?!?! Is that it?!! I think it is! Cheers, Peter!

  • @mkd  Feb 2018

    Ha ha, what a thought to make him do his homework out in the rain! That probably would be a step too far, though living in the North of England, we do have plenty of it! Thanks for your comment on Homework Sucks!

  • @fuzzy  Feb 2018

    Dude, you've really upped your game this February.
    Keep 'em coming!!

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 2018

    "Ambient sausage plait" is *totally* the name of my next band.

  • @sunnymae  Feb 2018

    Bring it on!!

  • @pfoo  Jan 2018

    Hey! Looking forward to your craziness.

  • @thefuneralcrasher  Jan 2018

    great to see you here 😀

  • @fearlessflight2014  Jan 2018

    Welcome! I really hope you have a great month of writing and make lots of new friends. 😀

  • @headfirstonly  Jan 2018

    Well hello there, Mr Machine.
    I am very much looking forwards to more mad stylings from your good self!

  • @andygetch  Jan 2018

    Hi there!

  • @fuzzy  Jan 2018

    (Great bio, by the way)

  • @fuzzy  Jan 2018

    Hey dude, glad you're back!
    I'm still planning to use those tracks you sent me for a collab some time in February.

  • @sph  Jan 2018

    Will the three-legged-pirate make a comeback?

  • @guatecoop  Jan 2018

    Welcome!! I'm glad you've joined us! I'm into it!

  • @barrygoldman  Jan 2018

    Hey man, hope to hear more crazy action from you again!