Schnowd (Pronounced Sch-noy-d) 1


Minneapolis USA   Feb 2009

Artist Bio

Influences:   Life lessons, family, friends, environment, church, other guitarists and musicians.

This is my 10th FAWM. Playing guitar for over 50 years. Love guitar, banjo, violin music and the creativity of those who have gone before me. Ready to move forward and share what gifts God has given me. Thanks to all my FAWM friends and Good Luck in 2017. Rock On!!

Don't Forget: February is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it gets to the end the faster it goes!


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  • @gslab  Feb 16

    thanks for the nice comment Scot. When I wrote that song I was thinking about doing Wildwood Weed with you, Greg and Woody.

  • @ericdistad  Feb 8

    Great to see you back, even if it's just a visit. 😀

  • @gslab  Feb 7

    I was really hoping to see you on here Scot. We've got to get together. Looking forward to making some music with you in 2018.

  • @tspoon  Jan 25

    yo! anybody Schnowm?