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Seattle USA   2 weeks  

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I have been writing songs off and on for a long time, but this is my first FAWM. I'm doing it because while I know that things ebb and flow in terms of creating, I can't make excuses for myself anymore -- I need to sit down and get cracking, and this is a great framework. These will be my first songs in 2.5 years, and my only goal is to not do what I've done before. These songs will probably be all over the place because of that. I'm excited!


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  • @bitshred  4 days

    Thank you listening to my tun Sarah Rogers. Appreciate yah!

  • @lanasolyluna 5 days

    Cool thanks! Hope something works out 😀

  • @kenjku  1 week

    Thanks for checking out Meet me by the Riverside. I’m glad you enjoyed. I agree there are parts that should be more upfront. Think it was super late and my ears were done at that point haha

  • @pumpkinhead 1 week

    Thanks for your nice comment and happy fawming Sarah. §:•)~

  • @tamsnumber4 1 week

    Welcome to FAWM Sarah, hope you get out there and comment on others songs so that they will come in here and discover what you are doing, you will inspire them if you do!!