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Tucson USA   Jan 2007


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Influences:   Sia, MS MR, Fiona Apple, Marina and the Diamonds, Nina Simone, Janis Joplin, David Bowie, Rilo Kiley, Aurora

IT'S OVER! Now comes the next hard bit: catching up on everyone's songs. I'm coming for you! Additionally, thanks to everyone who takes the time to listen and comment, it's very, very appreciated. <3

Whoa! My 10th year! I’m especially excited for this FAWM, as last year was the first time I ever completed it. Now I’m sure I can do it again!

Now, about the music…I have often wondered if I’m sharing too much, the most sensitive parts of myself, with the world. But I’ve found that the only songs I’ve ever really cared for are the ones in which I’m a bit afraid to share. Though usually accompanied with an excitement for the possibilities of connection it can bring. So I imagine I’ll be doing plenty of that this year. My common themes are usually a bit dark, including trauma, mental illness, dire stories, and probably some delight in the dirges. From all that though I want to share recovery, strength, hope, and additional delight in the growth that comes along with it.

In the past (a.k.a. the entire time I’ve been writing music), I have wanted to leave any song explanations completely unclear. Much of that was because of some stubborn idea I had of music only being worth something if people could decipher my meaning through poetic verses. Of course sometimes that works, especially if I’ve written a song that is completely abstract even to myself, only wishing to leave an emotional impact.

But more often than not, I tell stories in my songs. And I want people to understand the stories and from there extrapolate their own meanings and thoughts. So, I’ve decided to break down some of the mysterious bits in my lyrics, as there are usually a lot, in the hope that this altered technique will be more effective in conveying my thoughts to the listeners. Along with this it must be said (and I’ll say it along with each song I post), your meaning and interpretation is still valid, and most likely better than mine!

In the end, the point is, there is no truth to my words, even when they're grounded in facts. All I can share is my personal interpretation of my own words. And by sharing our thoughts, we make these songs “ours” rather than “mine”.

I loved all the collaboration last year and I’m more than willing to do it again! Off we go friends.

In honor of my 10th year, enjoy this relic of the original Russia Saturn in her first music video! https://youtu.be/vPG2wuLYo4M Filmed and edited by @spinhead naturally.


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  • @tiller2  Mar 25

    Hiya! I finally assembled "My Teddy Bear" with your great vocal. Thank you! I might tweak further but here we are: http://fawm.org/songs/66177/

  • @caleb Mar 16

    Hm! It's worth a listen.

    you don’t know the blues
    ‘less you’ve known them all your life
    ‘less you hold them in your heart
    unless they are your light


    You don't know what love is
    Until you've learned the meaning of the blues
    Until you've loved a love you've had to lose
    You don't know what love is


  • @caleb Mar 15

    Any chance the lyrics to "You Don't Know the Blues" were inspired by Billie Holiday's "You Don't Know What Love Is"?

  • @spinhead  Mar 11

    Aha! Another demo!

  • @spinhead  Mar 4

    Ah, I hadn't seen Pink Sky yet. You're on my list, all this amazingness.

    The mashup would be Pinple Sky. No, you're right, Purlink.

  • @spinhead  Mar 4

    Glad you're having fun with my songs; you know how much I value your feedback. If you see anything lyrically that could be stronger, I want to hear it, eh?

  • @piney  Mar 2

    Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. I am happy to hear that you find a resemblance in my music that resonates with you. 😀 It is crazy how sad music can be so beautiful!

  • @majordanby  Mar 2

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on 'ghost in you'. I am both sorry and pleased that I made you cry 😉
    I'll stop by and listen to a few of your tracks later as I've not stumbled across your music before

  • @tiller2  Mar 2

    Hi, I just got your email. Thank you! I'll listen to it tomorrow and try to add the track to the mix and post it soon, but I have some learning curve challenge that may delay things, plus a jam session on Sunday that I need to practice for!

    Thanks for giving your reasoning behind the "end of this verse" lines. That makes sense. At this point, I try to write songs so they can be sung by other people, as well as me; "I" is always a character though it may be based on myself. That approach steers me away from the intimately confessional or immediately meta (4th wall breakage). I'm not sure I can expose myself as much as you do. But I am glad you do so. Best--AT

  • @williamhaight Mar 1

    Thanks for your comments on Vivienne's Song. I really appreciate it.

  • @metalfoot  Mar 1

    😀 cheers!

  • @kovbleu  Feb 24

    Thank you for the comment on Sever! You are so sweet! I don't know Meg Myers, I'll have to look her up. 😀

  • @fawmerdave Feb 24

    Much obliged for the kind words! Do anything you like to any of my songs. Re-imagine to your heart's delight. I'm only a lyricist, and barely that.

  • @fawmerdave Feb 22

    Hi! I'm neither musician nor lyricist, and with that stirring endorsement, would you consider an interpretation of these lyrics? Sorry if this isn't protocol, it's my first year. http://fawm.org/songs/73311/

  • @tiller2  Feb 22

    Hey there, I emailed you an instrumental mix for My Teddy Bear. Please let me know if you don't get it or if you need anything... Thanks!

  • @kovbleu  Feb 22

    Aw, thank you so much! I am so behind in listening as well! I can't wait to check out your songs!! 😀

  • @spinhead  Feb 21

    As you know, your opinion about music matters to me more than most, which makes your comment on "The Note" all the more satisfying.

    Truth about Canon: it's the only classical piece I can play even the chords to. Default. Turns out it chose itself for the right reasons.

  • @tiller2  Feb 19

    Great. I'll get you the new mix on the 22nd, and you can send me a vocal track when you can; I'll aim to assemble before the end of Feb. 😀

  • @tiller2  Feb 18

    Yes!! I'd love for you to sing My Teddy Bear. Thank you. I get back home on Tues. the 21st and aim to tweak a couple of tracks in the mix for a tighter groove. You could wait for that, if you like. If you prefer another key or slightly different tempo, that's totally fine, as I can easily do it. We're running out of Feb. (!?), but there's always March. I am excited... 😀

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 17

    Thanks for listening to "I Want To Dance With You". Glad you liked it. Apparently playing in cover bands in the late 70's permanently affected my sensibilities. (Get down, boogie oogie oogie...)

  • @petemurphy  Feb 2017

    Hello Rachelle, sorry for the delay... I've been getting through lots of collaborations. I need to re-learn what I played on the song (during FAWM, by the time I'm working on a new song, I've forgotten how to play all of the previous ones). I'll try my best to get something to you in the next day or two.
    Would you rather me try to do it to a click track, or are you ok with me playing it in free time?
    Best wishes.

  • @musicsongwriter Feb 2017

    Hi Rachelle, as I'm just writing either music or lyrics, no vocals from my part either so it's not that hard to get to 14. The whole song in my opinion is like my 4 so you are definitely ahead. I'll be delighted to collaborate with you, as always. Looking forward to it very much.
    Thank you,

  • @petemurphy  Feb 2017

    Hello Rachelle, I'd love to take a look at the lyrics you mentioned on my forum post. I have a had a lot of responses, but I've already gotten through some of them (a couple I've already recorded, I've written the music for another couple and just have to record a demo, and I already have basic ideas for most of the others), so it shouldn't take too long for me to get something together.
    Hope you're well, and having a fun time this month.

  • @sophielynette Feb 2017

    So I've searched my email and unfortunately I can't find where I sent you that original file 😞 I do have the final track with both vocal and piano, if you'd want that?

  • @sunnyrose Feb 2017

    Four songs done already! Woohoo!

  • @kristian  Feb 2017

    hi! Gonna listen to your songs now (woo!), but I wanted to say "hi!" here too! Have a great FAWM!

  • @rosedeschamps  Feb 2017

    Hi there! Thanks so much for the lovely comments, I would love to do some vocals for you! You should be able to find my email address on my profile. Yay!

  • @caleb Feb 2017

    Whoa!! Love the final take! What a fun collab! 😀

  • @roysmith  Feb 2017

    Brilll, have emailed you

  • @julesbf  Feb 2017

    Hi Rachelle, thanks for your comments. I think we may have hooked up last FAWM on this subject as i was just beginning to explore it in my MA. Much more focused this year and working with research data that i have gained from those with experience of suicide ideation and that is informing my musical exploration this FAWM ( and will hopefully contribute to my MA work later in the year) 😀

  • @tiller2  Feb 2017

    Thanks! 😁

  • @caleb Feb 2017

    Go ahead and post it when it's finished! I'm sure it'll be a fun surprise!

  • @alamous Feb 2017

    Hey Ya! I'm definately in to a collab!

  • @brownium  Feb 2017

    Wow, I just saw that you nominated me in the dream collab! That's massively flattering. Thank you!

  • @williamhaight Feb 2017

    Sure my email is williamhaight@comcast.net

  • @sophielynette Feb 2017

    Hello again! Yes, I took last year off because I was a bit busy.. mostly traveling. Ok I wasn't very busy, just lazy, but anyway, I think I -do- have the song you mentioned. I'll try to see if I have the original piano track without vocals, is that what you're looking for?

  • @williamhaight Feb 2017

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I've been out of town and away from my computer. I would love to collaborate. What do you have in mind? I enjoyed listening to some of your tracks on Soundcloud. So I see you do lyrics and music. Do you have an idea already?

  • @monty  Feb 2017

    Thanks for the nice note. Appreciate the collaboration offer. I'm looking forward to it.

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 2017

    I would love to. I do have a potential for you to sing but its in bits at the moment but, hey i have all the time in the world right now so shall get to work. Wish i was back with my studio rather than travelling around with my iphone right now 😉

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 2017

    Seriously your vocals really strike a chord ( excuse pun) with me and your songs are so expressive . Will be in Sri Lanka in 4 days hopefully with perfect wifi 🎸🎸

  • @powerstars Feb 2017

    Thanks for the comment on Girl From Mars! Appreciate the Bowie comparison. 😀

  • @zecoop  Feb 2017

    Thank you for your nice comment. I'm glad to see you back and hope you have fun again this year. I know what you are saying about posting the first song... I played for about 2 hours trying to find an idea that I felt would be a good one to start FAWM with. I wish I would have recorded all the other ones now... lol. Can't wait to hear more.

  • @metalfoot  Feb 2017

    Cool. I can't say I'll be writing 2 a day here on in but needed (for a number of reasons) to burst out with song today!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 2017

    Thanks for commenting on Alphabetical and let me know when you wanna start on the collab!

  • @sunnyrose Feb 2017

    Go, go! 😃

  • @spinhead  Jan 2017

    Deep joy, knowing what music does for people like us.

    Spit in Fear's face. I've seen him, and I've seen you, and he doesn't stand a chance. Not. A. Chance.

  • @jwhanberry  Jan 2017

    Thanks for the comment. I've watchlisted you and we'll see what comes up. Hope this is a good year for all of us.

  • @metalfoot  Jan 2017

    Well, you're officially my first collab partner of FAWM! Thanks for the email and let's do this! 😁

  • @thetau  Jan 2017

    Hey the girl
    May the FAWM be with you
    Russ 😀

  • @jacobeverettwallace  Jan 2017

    Thanks so much! I saved yours to listen to later...redheads gotta stick together right? Cheers to a great FAWM!

  • @musicsongwriter Jan 2017

    Hi Rachelle, looking forward to hearing your beautiful voice and listening to your new songs.

  • @metalfoot  Jan 2017

    Looking forward to FAWM and hoping we might make a collab work! 😀

  • @nancyrost  Jan 2017

    Hi Rachelle! Looking forward to fawming with you. 😀

  • @jamkar  Jan 2017

    Hi Rachelle! Can't wait to get started! So glad you are returning! Yippee!