Roy Estel Hughes 26


Austin USA   Jan 2007  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Radiohead, Beatles, John Lennon, ELP, E.S.T., Michael Franti and Spearhead, Rattletree Marimba, Metric, Daft Punk, The Doors, Wendy Carlos, Keith Jarrett, Steve Winwood, Bjork, Shannon Wright, Tom Waits, Mono, Peter Gabriel, Oceansize, Rachmanninoff, Debussy, Beethoven, Bach, etc

This is my 11th year doing FAWM. I look forward to this every year, in so many ways! I have made lifelong friends here, written countless songs (well, ok, i could count them, I just haven't yet...), collaborated with amazing people (and a cat!) all over the world, and been encouraged, inspired, astounded, confounded, and amazed by the variety and creativity I have found on this site.

Thank you again and again, Burr Settles, for getting this thing off the ground and keeping it going for these many years!

I've got some gigs and projects coming up this month that may slow me down a bit, I've been experimenting with all manner of styles of music, and I have an alter-ego in @nictesla where I will also be posting my more "electronic" side of my output, as I have done for the past few years.

I really look forward to what everyone comes up with this year.

This year, I will be working on a project based on the book "1984", where some of the tracks will probably reside in this FAWM account, and others will exist in my @nictesla account, based on how ambient/electronic they are. Hope you stop by and take a listen if you get the time!

To any newbies out there... don't sweat trying to make 14 songs (though it's fun to try!), just do whatever you can do... there is much love and encouragement in this community; all levels of skill are welcome and encouraged here. We look forward to discovering and hearing your songs!!

Peace, all!

Songs (26)

#1 Winston, In Love - 1984 17
Feb 2018
#2 Billions Of Stars 11
Feb 2018
#3 Minipax (Ministry of Peace) - 1984 8
Feb 2018
#4 Future Cave Dweller 11
Feb 16
#5 Collage I - 1984 - Thought Crimes 7
Feb 19
#6 They're Watching You - 1984 5
Feb 20
#7 Glorious Victory - 1984 6
Feb 25
#8 Laughter Yoga Saga @klyn 6
Feb 25
#9 A Month Of Sundays @klyn 6
Feb 25
#10 There's A Train Coming 4
Feb 25
#11 Little Bitty Monkey @klyn 4
Feb 27
#12 Animal Lover @klyn 2
Feb 28
#13 Valhalla - 1984 4
Feb 28
#14 Marimba Tourette's - marimba @klyn 2
Mar 1
#15 London Morning - Marimba @klyn 1
Mar 1
#16 Electric Toasters In Love - marimba @klyn 2
Mar 1
#17 Gertrude The Parrot Learns To Waltz - marimba @klyn 4
Mar 1
#18 Jet Pack @klyn 3
Mar 1
#19 Flights Of Fancy 2
Mar 1
#20 Sad Songs In Heaven @klyn 3
Mar 1
#21 Room 101 - 1984 4
Mar 1
#22 Last Man Standing - 1984 3
Mar 1
#23 Corroboration - 1984 @benmeza 1
Mar 1
#24 Empty Notebooks - 1984 6
Mar 1
#25 Save The World 1
Mar 1
#26 Final Countdown (featuring Kaylyn! ) @klyn 1
Mar 1


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  • @klaus  Mar 14

    Hi Roy. Thanks for comments on Pink Turns to Red. Glad you liked it. Much appreciated. 😀

  • @itoarazi Mar 1

    Wow. Just, wow. I'm floored by your comments. I have yet to listen to more of your stuff, but mark my words, I shall later today, because I've loved what I've heard so far!!

    And I don't know about "modern musical master". 😉 But again, I am honored.

    You can hit me up on the cloud of sound. More will be on the way...

  • @pipewrench67  Mar 1

    Thanks for the comment on Transmission smile the moogy thing is a VST from here; (The one I used is STIGMA), if you use fake computer keyboard, these are worth checking out, and free.

  • @erikleppen Feb 27

    Thanks for commenting on Grand Finale! 😀

  • @hummingbear Feb 27

    Thanks for your comments on "Luge" and "Rocky Shores." I had great collaborators.

  • @owl  Feb 27

    thanks so much for listening/commenting!

  • @ahasuerus Feb 27

    Thanks truly for your comments on my stuff roy. Happy FAWM!

  • @karan  Feb 25

    Oh Roy, I was so touched by what you told me about your grandmother! I believe our ancestors have a lot to teach us, even if we don't know much about them or may have difficult characters amongst them. There are always kind ones, too! And, in the end, it turns out that we are all related anyway ... I love this thought!

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 25

    Thank you for your kind comments on Toxic Wasteland. I'm always gratefull for @helenseviltwin 's awesome punk vocals/music.

  • @valeriecox  Feb 25

    Hi Roy. Thanks for dropping in and leaving nice comments on my songs. 😀

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 20

    Wow thank you for that fantastic comment. You make me blush it was amazing to read. Thank you <3

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 17

    Thanks for the comment on "What We Are"
    Jeff Lynne and Brian Wilson were certainly influenced by Phil Spector So it's cool that there is some similarity there. I know he produced Girl Groups , Beatles, Ex-Beatles, and 60's RnB, not sure if he did any Doo-wop ( which I wouldn't try, don't have the chops)

  • @mantra  Feb 14

    Maow aow eow. Eew aow meow. Mrrr aow. 🐾
    [Mantra thanks you for your comments. He's very happy to meet you. Yes, @mojo taught him a few things, but it took him some time to remember the musical teaching he received, as he was busy with exploring the world. He loves food and is as mischievous as a fat scaredy-cat can be.]

  • @itoarazi Feb 13

    Thanks for the advice! I softened the bass a little bit and reuploaded it! I shall check out some of your stuff in a bit.

  • @chucknamaste Feb 2018

    Hey Roy! I'm glad that you dug my tune "Man I Ought To Be"- It really means a lot! 😀

  • @frozenlonesome Feb 2018

    Thanks for the listen on "Shoot To Kill". Glad you liked it and I appreciate your taking time to post your comment.

  • @sentense Feb 2018

    YAY Roy, looking sooo forward to your songs 😀

  • @caterwauler Feb 2018

    Thanks for your comment, Roy. Always glad to see you around.
    Looking forward to whatever you'll be cooking for us this year. I'll check Mr Tesla's page, for sure.

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 2018

    Alright, lets, Go!

  • @axl  Jan 2018

    Great to see you're back, Roy!

  • @cts  Jan 2018

    Hey Roy! I'm so glad to be back, and I'm glad to see that you're still here, too! Double plus for me!!

  • @writeandwrong  Jan 2018

    Best of luck to you during FAWM 2018!

  • @seanbrennan  Jan 2018

    Happy FAWM, Roy!