Roel van Veldt 9


Antwerp Belgium   Jan 2010  

Artist Bio

Influences:   I love great ballads, progressive and symphonic pop/rock, soundtracks, acoustic music, and so much more. I leave to your interpretation who influenced my style, and I'm curious what my music reminds you of.

I'm Roel van Veldt, a composer/songwriter who loves to improvise on the piano.

FAWM and 50/90 have changed my life for the better, this is my eight year.

I'm lucky to have found many great lyricists and musicians here to collaborate with.

This year, I have a special request for you:
I want my songs to be arranged with YOUR instrument in it!

Do you love playing your drums, percussion, guitar, synths, uke, flute, tinklebell, anything... I would love to hear them in my song!

Even just one single instrument would be awesome! If you'd be so generous to do more (like cover it in your own arrangement), I would be on cloud nine! 😉

Of course, let me know if I can do something in return. I'd gladly collaborate on your song. Or I could make a cover of it (and by that marketing it).

§ Roel


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  • @kristi  Mar 11

    Hi Roel! Just seeing your last comment on "Something". Oh, all is good, that's fine. No rush with the song! I look forward to hearing it whenever it is completed!! 😀

  • @arthurrossi Mar 7

    Roel! Thanks so much for your comment on "This is Austria"! I am looking VERY forward to the song! I have already added you as collaborator...

  • @hummingbear Mar 7

    Thanks for listening to "Rocky Shores," and your kind comments.

  • @audrey  Mar 5

    Thanks for stopping by and for your positive comment on "Rocky Shores".

  • @arthurrossi Mar 2

    My dear friend, thank you so much for the wonderfully beautiful song that you created for "I´d rather die than to beg for love". The melody, the instrumentation and arrangement are fantastic... and I also love your vocal delivery.... Totally gorgeous.... Could you, please, send me the MP3 on my email address, which is
    ? I love it! Thank you so much for this wonderful song!

  • @kristi  Feb 28

    Hi Roel! Thanks for the update! No problem! Oh, and I think you have to add me to your list there in order to add me as a collaborator! 😀 Looking forward to hearing it!

  • @bithprod Feb 25

    Create a new song, or else there won't be any comments (from past experience). I'd like to have a listen first, though.

  • @cindyrella  Feb 20

    Sure. I have a couple other songs with two versions.

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 15

    Wow! Yes! Please post! Thanks !

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 13

    Hi Roel! Thanks for your generous offer! I had a couple of people email me last night about collabs on the song you mentioned ... but I would love to work with you on another one! Let me know genre and theme and I will write one for us or if you want we can co-write one! Let me know your preference!

  • @kristi  Feb 13

    Hi Roel! Yes, sure. I would love to do a collab on “Something”! Thanks!

  • @stephenwordsmith  Feb 2018

    And you can also do Solemate, if you please 😀

  • @bithprod Feb 2018

    Absolutely. Are you thinking power ballad? Not too trash metal, I hope? lol.

  • @stephenwordsmith  Feb 2018

    Hi, Roel. How wonderful to hear from you, and thanks for leaving so many kind comments. You are more than welcome to tackle The Hotel Ghost - I like your idea and think you could do it justice.

  • @arthurrossi Feb 2018

    My dear Roel, it is so good to hear from you! Regarding "I´d rather die than to beg for love", I have added you as collaborator and made the necessary slight adjustments for a female singer, but if you like, we can still change any part of the lyrics in any way... Also, since the word "obstinacy" in the chorus might be hard to sing, alternatively I would suggest to replace it for the word "spite" or whatever, but I would like to leave it up to you... Thanks for being willing to give it a try!

  • @oneslowtyper  Feb 2018

    Hello again, Roel. So glad to see you here. Of course, you have my permission to do as you please with "Arise". You can just mention me in the liner notes as a collaborator, as we wait to see if Karl composes something. I'm fine with two different versions.

  • @bithprod Feb 2018

    I'm sure we can find some country star somewhere in here. 😉

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 2018

    That was totally awesome! You delivered it with such a great dark rock feel that is really perfect!!! Thank you so so much!!!

  • @bithprod Feb 2018

    Of course! Scream on, punk! 😉

  • @lvgd09 Feb 2018

    Thanks for your comments on my "Two Shifts A Day" track. Well, I'll have to use external links. I think the link actually works but I noticed a long lag before it started to play. I'm just going drop dropbox and fix the link later when I get a chance. Thanks

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 2018

    I will add you but Perhaps post new so people see it! And add me as collaborator. Thanks!!

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 2018

    Sure! Thanks!

  • @arthurrossi Jan 2018

    Hey, my friend! I hope you are fine... missed your wonderful songs so much...

  • @timfatchen  Jan 2018

    Are you on board this year?