Rockhopper-P 9


Carlsbad USA   Feb 1

Artist Bio

Influences:   Elton John, Ben Folds, W.A. Mozart, Tsunku, Hiroshi Matsui, Yasutaka Nakata

Been playing piano since I was old enough to reach the keys, and composing since I was old enough to write down the notes.


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  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Mar 3

    Congrats on FAWM this year! I'm planning a Fawm get together. Still interested?

    Visit my profile and email me OR find the Facebook group I created.


  • @misterd Mar 1

    Thankyou ever so much for your comments on my old timey /bluegrass song 'Old train' . I really do appreciate it .
    I reckon i've worked really hard on my songs this month- spent a lot of time and effort - and to receive positive recognition such as yours is very gratifying . Thankyou kindly .

  • @tallmarkmusic  Feb 7

    A musical theatre piece followed [preceded albumistically] by an instrumental introduction... I feel like there is a requirement for us to collaborate.

    Welcome to FAWM! Great stuff so far! 😀

  • @johncrossman  Feb 2

    Welcome and good luck! I spent a summer on an alfalfa farm in Malaga near Loving, NM many years ago, assuming that's the Carlsbad you're in. Anyway, rock on.

  • @rockhopper Feb 1

    I just found out about FAWM on January 31st, which is remarkably good timing...