Robyn Mackenzie 7


Albuquerque USA   Jan 2009  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Lorde, Lindsey Stirling, Ben Folds, Crooked Still, Tegan and Sara, Clean Bandit, Taylor Swift, Asylum Street Spankers, Flight of the Conchords, Michelle Branch, my dad (@robynsdad), and of course you guys.

My first FAWM, I wrote angsty guitar ballads and a lot of songs about having writer's block. This is my 9th FAWM and I'm still probably going to write at least one song about having writer's block.

I started my music career at age 4, when I took up violin. From there I expanded to piano, guitar, ukelele, and a bit of dabbling in random other things. My songwriting style has shifted over the years from acoustic indie/folk to pop and electronica. I also write silly songs about things like ducks and boogers. You have been warned.

Right now, I'm working for VSA Arts of New Mexico, where I work with adults who have developmental disabilities. They are the most amazing group of people I've ever had the pleasure of being around. We're doing FAWM together again this year! Please check out @vsaredfish and give the artists your support. 😀


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  • @michaelepic Feb 21

    Robyn, thank you so much for your comment on "My Stache" and it tickled me that you got it 😀 very self-flattering but so tongue in cheek I'm almost poking fun at myself lol

  • @mrjoshuamclean Feb 20

    Hey, I'd love to collaborate on some dance pop or vocal trance. What's the best way to get in touch?

  • @tiller2  Feb 20

    Hey there, I have a lyric to offer if you might want to try another collab, here

    Or, if you'd rather do another bird song, with a more conventional structure, there's the whooping crane

    If you have too much on your plate, no worries. Fawm is only once a year! I'll put my musical concepts into simple demos in the meantime. Cheers

  • @michaelepic Feb 17

    I know you haven't put up "Sleeptalk" yet 100%, but just seeing your title gave me an idea. In minutes, I had an idea for a new song, a new dance, possibly a viral meme and submission to UrbanDictionary! All sparked by your title "Sleeptalk" even though there is nothing there yet! So you inspired me!

  • @mdavisto Feb 15

    Hey, you should totally nag @sciren to collab some more, I have to drop out this year. Maybe send her a beat to flow on top of.

    Also you are extremely cool. Just saying.

  • @vegansongs Feb 2017

    Thank you for your support and comments on Fight the Good Fight, Babe (fawm song 4.) I posted lyrics.

  • @dragondreams  Feb 2017

    Hi Robyn *waves* 😊
    Thank you loads for stopping by and taking a listen to my "Mirrors" twiddling.

  • @michaelepic Feb 2017

    Hey Robyn! I was so jacked when I saw a forum post you left! I was like holy moly have to jet on over to her page and say hey immediately! Great to see you back this year! Happy fawning 😀

  • @cloudboy  Feb 2017

    Thanks for stopping by Robyn. Happy you enjoyed Blood Heart!

  • @mikegtz  Feb 2017

    Waving at the Robyn person...hiya again.

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 2017

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm sure I'll be posting a lot of lyrics. If any ever speak to you, would love to work with you again. I look forward to hearing your music!

  • @kristian  Feb 2017

    Robyn! You rock! Collab again?

  • @travelswithcharlie Feb 2017

    Thanks for listening to Starving Kiss! Happy FAWMing 😀

  • @tiller2  Jan 2017

    Hey, friend, good luck this FAWM. I look forward to doing a collab. Any ideas or preferences? We can chat by email if that's better, or here.

  • @echovoodoo Jan 2017

    Happy FAWMing!