RJ 14


United States   Feb 2014

Artist Bio

Influences:   R&B, Soul, Jazz, Classical, Pop, Reggae and everything in between

FAWM 2018 (Year 5)

Concept Album
Been pretty busy but hope to finish all of FAWM this year. Been listening to alot of lo-fi, so it has heavily influenced this concept album. Always open for collabs.

Songs (14)

#1 PT - Intro 3
Feb 18
#2 Falling Down 3
Feb 20
#3 Last Night 1
Feb 26
#4 I Wanna 1
Feb 26
#5 Holder 1 ZONG
Mar 1
#6 Holder 2 ZONG
Mar 1
#7 Holder 3 ZONG
Mar 1
#8 Holder 4 ZONG
Mar 1
#9 If There’s Any ZONG
Mar 1
#10 Reputation ZONG
Mar 1
#11 Priorities ZONG
Mar 1
#12 It Still Hurts ZONG
Mar 1
#13 I’m Looking for a Lover ZONG
Mar 1
#14 Say Cheese ZONG
Mar 1


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  • @jaegerin  Mar 1

    Thanks for your kind words on "I Want Us Back"!

  • @nickurock Feb 21

    Sounds good!

    Email: Nickurock@hotmail.com

  • @nickurock Feb 17

    I didn't have a style in mind! Whatever style you're comfortable writing in works for me. How do you want to do this? I do music, you do lyrics, vice versa?

  • @apenaattori Feb 2018

    Thanks for stopping by and listening to my blues song in finnish (despite the fact that the song might not have been that enjoyable for you lyricwise), appreciate it!

  • @jamesstaubes  Feb 2018

    Hat tip for listening and commenting. Thank you!

  • @dannen Feb 2018

    Thank you for your comment on Electric Car Blues. I'm happy to answer any questions.

  • @benjo  Feb 2018

    Thank you for your kind words on my lyric means a lot to me

  • @sbs2018 Feb 2018

    Thank you for commenting!

  • @nikke88 Feb 2018

    Thank You for commenting on "Lea."

  • @unkept Feb 2018

    Thanks for checking out and commenting on Winter Agent!

  • @nickurock Feb 2018

    Rj! I love the idea of a collaboration but I actually have never done one so i'm not sure how to go about it. But I'm up for it if you are!

  • @crimulus  Feb 2018

    Thanks for the comments RJ. I hope we get to hear something from you soon!

  • @nickurock Feb 2018

    Thank you for your comment RJ! I'm glad i was able to write something you enjoyed πŸ˜€ Hope to hear some music from you soon!

  • @cloudhopper Feb 2018

    thank you for your kind comment for "sitting on a rainbow" our lead guitar man , mark uses a pedal that has all sorts of effects , i couldn't tell you exactly what it is but its probably a combo , pippa will appreciate your compliment on her singing - i'm just the bass player and lyrics writer πŸ˜€

  • @mauramer Feb 2018

    Assuming "oculus gear" was autocorrect-speak for "i could hear" in your comment, I love the idea of adding some oohs and aahs on Finally, thanks for the suggestion! 😁

  • @pamgrisham Feb 2018

    Hi RJ. Thank you for your encouraging comment on The Real Thing. I'm looking forward to hearing your music. You play saxophone? My son is learning alto sax in band this year.

  • @theresaj  Feb 2018

    Thank you for the comment on Irresistible! I’d love to hear something from you so let me know when that happens!

  • @valeriecox  Feb 2018

    Hi. Thanks for commenting on my song. I hope we get to hear so nice sax and piano, etc from you. That's exciting.

  • @lazykat Feb 2018

    Thanks for your comment πŸ˜€
    Happy fawming!

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 2018

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my murder ballad. Really appreciated:)

  • @petra777  Jan 2018