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  Jan 2015

Artist Bio

Influences:   Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchel, Neil Young and all their contemporaries!

I have been writing songs since I first got a guitar at age 15. Im Bicoastal, VT and CA. I care about us all as fellow humans and often write about things that help us ask hard questions and have some answers.


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  • @nancyrost  Feb 8

    Okay, I found you on Soundcloud. What you want to do is, here on your FAWM page, click on the song you want to add the file to, then select "edit" from the upper righthand corner. Over on your Soundcloud page, click on the "share" icon (square with an arrow) for that song, then select "embed" from the pop-up menu that appears, copy that link, and paste it into the FAWM URL field for that song. I just tried it with your "Bringer of the Gold" and it looks like it worked!

  • @nancyrost  Feb 8

    Thanks for listening to Happy Day In The Garden. That was a co-write with the dear departed Hoopshank, and he played all the instruments.

    I don't deal with the file hosting side of FAWM, but I can tell you the address to email if you are doing your file hosting through FAWM:

    Oh, it looks like you are not hosting through FAWM. Where are you hosting your files?

  • @johncrossman  Feb 8

    Hiya. People won't see your posts here (below) unless they stop here, so the forum is a better place for a request for tech support.

    As a longtime fawmer, I would suggest keeping one profile and posting under that one, probably this one where you've started this year. Creating a third profile would just dilute your songs and people's ability to comment on them. If you leave one alone and don't use it one year, it will just sort of stay here and go unused.

    There's also a forum thread where people asked how to delete:

    I saw that you got a response from @ericdistad on the picture and the mp3s so far already.

    Looks like you already have a Soundcloud account, so you could upload songs there. To get the link to show up here, you just copy and paste the address of the mp3 you've posted there in the link field when you add or edit your song.
    In the field that says: "link to MP3 or page on Soundcloud/Youtube/Vimeo" you would cut/paste the link (what Nancy says above me here).
    Hope that helps with the MP3s!

  • @redwing Feb 8

    HI I really could use some tech support. I don't know how to find a link to my mp3s I made in order to share the songs.

    Also I want to put my picture on my profile and it isn't working. I really need to get on the phone with some one who likes to help.

  • @redwing Feb 1

    HI there. I have Sandicove with no songs and redwing. Do you think I should just join as a third profile then work on deleting the others?

  • @mdavisto  Feb 1

    Not sure you have two profiles. It looks like you just posted the same song twice. It happens.