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Katy USA   Jan 2010

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Influences:   I grew up listening to all kinds of music and have been influenced by too many to name from rock, country, pop, folk over the past 35 years. Favorites right now are DMB, Silversun Pickups, The Weepies and kinda diggin Wolfmother and The Black Keys a little the past few months.

Hey y'all. Yep, I'm Texan.... sorry can't get it out of me except when I write lyrics I guess. I leave the y'alls and the twang out then. : )

I'm relatively new to playing guitar (i started learning to play in mid-2004) as well as singing and songwriting. I play with a few friends in an acoustic band called Paper Windows. We've been together since Feb 2007 and continue to have fun with it... it's nothing serious but we gig around Houston once every few months though.
This is my sixth time to be part of the FAWM community. I still know myself well enough to know I won't complete 14 songs but am hopeful that I'll best my previous years of 3 and 4 songs.

Looking forward to 2015!!!

Here's what I wrote on the Forum for "first-time fawmer" back in 2010.
1. Hi all!... I'm Rob Barreda and I'm from Houston, Tx

2. I heard about FAWM through a wordpress blogger who mentioned it in a link. Feb was almost over so I've been waiting a year to try my hand at FAWM.

3. I hope I can spur some songwriting activity out of myself. The well has been dry lately so I hope the challenge (and following others) will get at least a few songs out of me. I don't expect to complete all 14 though. Too much to do and not enough time. I also hope to meet some new songwriting friends through for the encouragement and camaraderie.

4. Musically... I write the lyrics and sing for a band I play in called Paper Windows. Both those talents are mediocre at best but every so often a little pearl can be found in there somewhere. I play acoustic guitar and my entries will more than likely be just my voice and the six string.

5. Ok, so why to watch for me... if nothing else, just 'cause I'm a noobie and I might pull of a song or two that's not too bad.


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  • @musicbykatie Feb 26

    Aw, im actually sorry that you were able to relate to those lyrics! Soooo many people can, but its not talked about much! I have had several friends share it on facebook in the past few days because they understood. <3 thanks for listening again.

  • @energycommission Feb 26

    Glad you enjoyed the interview! I've got another one in Chicago proper coming up tomorrow. If they get me the audio I'll post that as well. I'm sure there will be a lot more from the Chicagoland area!

  • @steveandthesea  Feb 24

    Hey Rob, thanks for the comment. Yea it's been a struggle but I managed a couple in the end. Maybe another before the week is out! I'm afraid the meanings behind my songs often stay a mystery/open to interpretation (some are a bit obvious).

    Had a quick listen to what you've done here, and it's sounding good! The guitar sounds fantastic, really nice tones all round.

  • @shelleymiller Feb 20

    Just emailed you a draft of what I've got so far. Thanks for sending your lyrics!

  • @daveed  Feb 19

    Thank you for the feedback. I didn't notice my dog barking at just the right spot until you mentioned it. Funny.

  • @energycommission Feb 14

    Thanks for the comments on the I Love U.kulele song. All of this time I've been @ tagging people in comments thinking they would be notified. LOL seems like something that should be worked on so it shows up in the recent activity feed.

    Anyway. Thanks for all of your observations. I've left comments to you I'm sure you haven't read. haha

  • @shelleymiller Feb 6

    Sure! If you want to send some lyric ideas my way for the collab, that'd be great! I'll play around with them and come up with some ideas to send you...and we can go from there. My email is shelley @

  • @fadedredbandana  Feb 6

    Wow, thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful comments on 'whiskey lullaby'! I'm so very pleased and humbled by the thought of you listening to it multiple times...especially, as you said, it sounds a bit like it was recorded with tin foil and a needle Some folks on here are really into the production--and I'm so impressed--but i'm not really a guitar player and feel like just getting them uploaded in their raw, un-edited form is hard enough! I wish your comments hadn't been cut off--I'd love to know what you were going to say, if you have time. Thanks again!!

  • @rachelmcclean Feb 4

    Thanks, man glad you liked!

  • @fadedredbandana  Feb 3

    Aren't you the clever one! I spent 6 years in TX (Austin) and so much of my music is influenced by that. Thanks for listening and for thoughtful comments. Looking forward to hearing your music!

  • @zecoop  Feb 3

    Thanks so much for checking out my funkiness, er, wait, that didn't sound right. Appreciated the comment on my funky song, lol. Many thanks! Good luck with this month - I'll be back to check your progress.

  • @energycommission Feb 3

    Thanks Rob! I had read about the skirmishes and can't wait to try my hand at one. I'll have t check out the muse!

  • @energycommission Feb 3

    Thanks for the comment! I'm so glad I discovered the site and the challenge. Can't wait for the next suggested topic. I may have to scroll through the forums

  • @fadedredbandana  Feb 3

    You sweet thing, you.

  • @rachelmcclean Feb 3

    Hey Rob!!
    I am indeed back this year, although my calendar is a bit mental pretty much throughout the month so 14 songs is going to be tricky but I'm gonna give it my best shot! And I'm excited to hear some sweet tunes on here too! Thanks for the encouragement, man! Hugs back across the pond!!

  • @neffstock Feb 2

    Thanks for the welcome bud! I am still getting settled and in the groove, but I am so glad you motivated me to be a part of this!

  • @shelleymiller Feb 2015

    I'm paired up to write with you for a random collaboration. Look forward to writing together!

  • @steveandthesea  Jan 2015

    Thanks you too! Good luck!

  • @donnyrosales Jan 2015

    hahahah that's too funny. I'll change that right away.