Fresh Spotless Youth 6


Portland USA   Feb 2012

Artist Bio

Influences:   I'm kind of a sporadic music listener. The vast universe of music available on Spotify intimidates me, so I listen to podcasts. The new Destroyer album is okay. I like a couple songs off Wolf Parade's latest. And I've listened to The Cure's Just Like Heaven about 30 times over the last few days. I would happily let those guys back me up.

I'm a semi-amateur performer who has never even played an open-mic. I picture myself as more of an conceptual artist than anything...endlessly pitching song ideas to my imaginary band, Fresh Spotless Youth. Generally speaking, "songs" I post here sound nothing like they would if FSY were better at executing. Self-deprecation aside, there will be 14 "songs" here at the end of the month, and I will love them all.

(I think of myself as the Justin Bieber of my generation, or the Sid Vicious of Justin Bieber's generation, or the Die Antwoord of the Napoleonic era, but people don't understand.)


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  • @ttg105  5 hours


  • @acousticmaddie  1 day

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on Don't cry for him.

  • @caterwauler 1 day

    Your comment on my last catcore track is very interesting. Thanks a lot for listening the way you did (not just this one, but all the catcore tracks). I really appreciate your thoughtful feedback.
    "This is a genre that deserves to be taken seriously." Here on fawm, people tend to think it's an airy-fairy project and underestimate the amount of work that goes into it. Some create music with complicated software, algorithms that generate random stuff or such things. I give my cat a synth and let him take me away from my own standards.
    Outside fawm, I've always tagged @mojo's music "avant-garde" (what it is, not genre-wise but as far as intention is concerned), and somehow managed to bring it to the ears of an audience that does take it seriously. Interesting fact : @mojo sells more albums than me. And he's sold a few posthumously...
    I don't think they play him at nightclubs, though. But I like the idea. 😀

    I haven't seen new songs by you in several days. I hope there will be more!

  • @vomvorton  1 day

    I don't think I did a very good job of sounding like Superchunk really. They did release a new record last Friday though so it's fresh and new to me too. I think this track is particularly good:

    I haven't heard of Babylon Berlin but the style of that clip is pretty intriguing. Will have to see if it's available for streaming...

  • @repsurepa 3 days

    Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked Unknown! : )

  • @vomvorton  4 days

    Aha! When I presumed, I made a "pres" out of "u" and "me". And "pres" has been a lot worse than "ass" for the last year or so.

  • @caterwauler 5 days

    Thank you for your lovely feedback. You know I always appreciate it.

  • @nuj4x 6 days

    Thank you for the comment on Confessions of a Pop Star 😁

  • @ttg105  6 days

    That solo was done with a bass with lots of effects on it. Thanks for the comment!

  • @jibbidy34  6 days

    Congratulations Centurion Soldier! You wrote 100 comments for your fellow FAWMers!! You made this place even better. You took your time to listen to other people's songs and you have 100 thank you's from all of them and from me! Here’s your badge. Excellent work and keep busting’ those zongs!!

  • @owl  6 days

    Thank you for the shoutout on the board! <3

  • @tunecat 6 days

    Reckon you should love them all. I mean I've heard some great music here, but somehow your songs have really got to me. Like I might do something as out of character like actually buy an album or something.

  • @klaus 6 days

    Thanks Ray for commenting Body and Ghost. Nice to see you've been busy.

  • @scubed  1 week

    Thank you so much for your gracious comment on "Such a Fine Man"!

  • @benjo  1 week

    hey thank you so much for your kind words on my lyric unique piece
    you made my day

  • @jonmeta  1 week

    Thanks once again for listening —including to the disconcertingly long pauses. I appreciate your encouragement. “Classic and familiar” is a goal we all aspire to, at least some of the time, so thanks for that.

    I’m looking forward to listening to the rest of your songs. You are rather diffident in your self description, but the two songs I’ve heard have a kind of genius to them that’s rare even on FAWM.

  • @vomvorton  1 week

    Aha! I thought that sounded familiar. I always enjoy that "borrow a line, add your own spin" thang.

  • @mikegtz  1 week

    Hi Ray,thanks for dropping by Sioux Falls and sharing your thoughts.

  • @engebretsen  1 week

    Thx a lot for comments on "Simple Choice". Very kind of you.

  • @arthurrossi 1 week

    Hey! What a beautiful surprise! In deed, I remembered it when I listened to your gorgeous song... And to be mentioned there by name is a particularly awesome honor... Thanks so much, my friend! 😀

  • @vomvorton  1 week

    I'm using the built-in arpeggiator from Ableton on that track... I'm sure there must be some stuff out there for iPad but Apple's delightful "planned obsolescence" thing means I never really use mine any more so I'm way out of the loop. I'd go back in a second for an Always On My Mind app though...

  • @marvsmooth  1 week

    HI Danny 😀

    I’ve got ways around the technical issues, and am almost back to health after a bad flu bout.

    Back later to get some listening in 😀

  • @kalinasilverman 2 weeks

    "Sporadic showers" what a beautiful way to phrase a comment. Thank you! 😀

  • @ferry0123 2 weeks

    Many thanks, Danny. That sure is an encouraging comment (Re: How I long). 😀

  • @mikegtz  2 weeks

    Ray, thanks for coming to listen to my Sioux Falls song.

  • @ttg105  2 weeks


  • @odilongreen  3 weeks

    I'm actually weighing potential concepts; I need to come up with one soon. Anyway, I am so delighted that you're here; your songs are always a real treasure!

  • @ferry0123 3 weeks


  • @downburst  4 weeks

    There will always be glum schmaltz. It's just who I am.

    Naive swagger, yeah, give me some of that.

  • @downburst  4 weeks

    Hi Danny! Are you here? Hope so.

  • @ferry0123 5 weeks

    That sounds like a balled fist, Danny! Looking forward to this whole thing, thanks for your note 😀

  • @vomvorton  5 weeks

    Excellent! I like to think of those four voms as the "greatest hits". Maybe I should try to collaborate with the other three...