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Influences:   Pretty much anything can be an influence I suppose

I'm a cellist/guitarist/song writer in Nottingham, UK (woop!). I've been terrible at making time for song writing the last couple of years and my FAWM efforts have suffered for it! I want to come back this year and use that FAWM momentum to get back to song writing! Wish me luck...


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  • @wacha  Feb 5

    Thank you very much for listening to "Adrift" and your very kind words on my vocals. I think when I work on the track a little more I will add some harmonies. Thanks!

  • @leah0k  Feb 4

    Thanks for listening to mine too! I don’t know what that is called either but I know what you mean Haha - glad you like!

  • @mkd  Feb 3

    Thanks for your comment on Mother Song! My sister said I should have let him have the pizza after all those choruses of being there for him, but I think it sums up the [glorious] juxtaposition of parenthood to have it the way I did it!

  • @fearlessflight2014  Feb 2

    It’s a lot easier to rack up numbers when you are only posting lyrics!

  • @dancrook Feb 2


  • @julesbf Jan 23

    Miss your lovely voice, hope you will be with us this year, we need more Cello!

  • @fearlessflight2014  Jan 2018

    Really hope you’ll be FAWMing this year. I love your writing.