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Influences:   Angst.

I never got to making 14 songs... but I gave it my best shoot. Now I have exams coming up in 2 weeks and there simply is not time and energy enough for both. /Peace Sisters!

I love to make music around themes so I will try to make each song about the number in which it is served to you. The songs will be short, about a minute each (Bam! Get in there and GET OUT! Fast! No time to waste in repeating myself... at all!!!) I will also try to have the foundation of each song played on my home made Les Paul played through an old Piggy amplifier. Everything is recorded with Røde Microphones and a Sure SM57 and then put through 2 Universal Audio units (UA 2-610, UA 2-1176) We'll see...

Songs (14)

#1 The first time 11
Feb 1
#2 Second 8
Feb 3
#3 Third wheel 4
Feb 5
#4 Feel so square 4
Feb 7
#5 Five 8
Feb 9
#6 Hangin' men 5
Feb 11
#7 seVen 4
Feb 13
#8 Eternity 3
Feb 14
#9 Sevillan Cat 2
Feb 15
#10 Unlucky in dept 5
Feb 15
#11 Songs for my friends 4
Feb 15
#12 U told me 2
Feb 26
#13 Straight On 2
Feb 27
#14 The City 1
Feb 27


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  • @pumpkinhead Mar 5

    @ihelen Hahahahahaha!!! Those measurements really mess you up. Peace!

  • @ihelen  Mar 4

    Thank you for all your comments, Mr. Pumpkinhead! As for your math question, Google tells me that 1 pound of salt equals 79.75 teaspoons, but I am uncertain of that based on my conversion charts. Something seems amiss, and that certainly seems like too much salt anyway. Your other question about yards is inconceivable. 😂 I will look for you again next year - until next time!

  • @oldlostjohn  Mar 1

    Twelve new songs of such high quality in the limited time you had available is quite an achievement. Your music is playful, inventive and jumps from genre to genre. Eclectic in the most positive way, as your own artistic voice and identity still is clearly recognizable, even when you try out different accents! Superb, inspirational music making, my friend!

  • @highmountain Feb 20

    Hallå, Herr Pumphuve! I have belatedly joined this fray. Eight days left and ten songs to go!!

  • @ihelen  Feb 15

    So your songs here go "up to eleven" huh? 😉 I assume you get the reference there... They're all excellent. Anyway, it was great to see and hear the progression of your songs from the beginning. And a neat video (#7) too in the midst. Impressive range of styles and production. Good luck on your exams, congratulations on your music, and best wishes to you! 😀

  • @susancantey  Feb 15

    Sweedish! I'd a never guessed it. Been to your country when I was 7 years old. It remember it was soooo clean there. There's trash everywhere in the States.

  • @lazykat  Feb 11

    Thanks for your comment 😀
    Happy fawming!

  • @ihelen  Feb 8

    Thanks for commenting on my one chord song. Definitely - sometimes, less is more ... which you also prove with your numerical vignettes. 😀

  • @ihelen  Feb 6

    Thanks for commenting on my Souper song. I'll be looking forward to more from you. Your numbers series has got me hooked!

  • @dawn1 Feb 6

    Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! (Superpowers) The C tuning is very interesting, must explore it more, happy FAWMing!

  • @mishykatz  Feb 5

    Love your mandolin song, thanks for sharing! Also when I was anticipating FAWM (my first) I was considering themes and numbers was one I thought about LOVE it! Thanks for the feedback 😀 Watching you!

  • @dutch1967 Feb 1

    tack så mycket for your kind comments on my song Red Light Fever
    And... JJ Cale? Wow! :headinthecloudssmiley:

  • @oldlostjohn  Feb 1

    Hejsan, nice to see another Swede joining FAWM! You're on my watchlist!

  • @pumpkinhead Feb 1

    Well... friends. Let's write some songs.