Postcard Helicopters 16


Washington USA   Jan 2006

Artist Bio

Influences:   From ABBA to ZZ Top, with multiple stops in-between.

Summer 2017 Update:

My webhost provider went offline in July, so I came by to lock the songs until I get a new hosting thingamajig put together -- which may not be until FAWM 2018.

See ya'll then!

Songs (16)

#1 FAWM 2017 - Track 01 2
Feb 26
#2 FAWM 2017 - Track 02 1
Feb 26
#3 FAWM 2017 - Track 03 1
Feb 26
#4 FAWM 2017 - Song 04 1
Feb 26
#5 FAWM 2017 - Track 05 1
Feb 26
#6 FAWM 2017 - Track 06 1
Feb 26
#7 FAWM 2017 - Track 07 1
Feb 26
#8 FAWM 2017 - Track 08 1
Feb 26
#9 FAWM 2017 - Track 09 1
Feb 26
#10 FAWM 2017 - Track 10 1
Feb 26
#11 FAWM 2017 - Track 11 1
Feb 26
#12 FAWM 2017 - Track 12 1
Feb 26
#13 FAWM 2017 - Track 13 1
Feb 26
#14 Gum on a Glass Sidewalk 3
Feb 26
#15 Calling Astronauts (of Intra Solar System Craft) 3
Feb 26
#16 Farewell Improv 2
Mar 1


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  • @postcardhelicopters  Mar 16


    Posted to wrong profile page.

  • @rayboneor  Mar 16

    I have some ideas. Whenever I try to open the mp3 it just pops up in a player.

  • @rayboneor  Mar 1

    Thanks so much for your generous comment and the specificity of your advice. I do tend to pepper songs with "ands," especially when I'm trying to play the guitar at the same time. It's hard enough for me to do one thing at at time, and I was in a big hurry. I know I've listened to your stuff in past years, but the high quality of that comment makes me wanna check out your current lyrical output for sure. Thanks again!

  • @scottlake Feb 12

    Thanks for the nice comment on Whisper Gymnopedies. I wondered why I hadn't heard anything from you since I have you on watchlist. Then I read your diary and I'm looking forward to your output.

  • @brownium  Feb 10

    In the off chance that I remember next year, I created a copy of the template somewhere that it won't get erased during the annual FAWM site refresh.

  • @popmythology  Feb 7

    Oh, I jsut saw that someone in the forum had posted a message several minutes ago saying, "I will do this." So let me check in with him to see what he's thinking and I'll get back to you? 😀

  • @popmythology  Feb 7

    Thanks for your interest! And, yeah, no pressure and no worries, whatever happens. Also, in the event that you do decide to play around with it, I was thinking of maybe changing the few lines that reference Trump since we don't know how long he'll be president and, ideally, a song should be evergreen and not overly time specific. What do you think of that idea? (Regardless of whether you do try something with the song or not).

  • @guatecoop  Jan 31

    Worlds Apart, split vision, and the day the country died are my favorites...

  • @orinoco  Jan 31

    So, if someone wanted to outrage you, how would they go about that anyway? 😀

  • @wille  Jan 31

    I am more than happy to add you outside the Facebook realm of things for backing vocals. Can you e-mail me at and I will add you into the loop?

  • @guatecoop  Jan 30

    I'm quite sure that we are talking about the same Subhumans band. Worlds Apart is probably one of the albums that I would have with me on a stranded island...I saw them once about 25 years ago and then again last year. Still great.

  • @bhaile  Jan 30

    I'm glad you're back too! Curious to see how working from a theme works for you 😀

  • @nancyrost  Jan 30

    Thanks - love it!

  • @nancyrost  Jan 30

    Always good to see you back here.

  • @petra777  Jan 30


  • @vikkiflawith  Jan 29

    Waves! ELO yeah!! Happy FAWMin!

  • @mikegtz  Jan 29

    Hi Postcard, looking forward to your songs.