Postcard Helicopters 21


  Jan 2006

Artist Bio

Influences:   ( I've decided to take a different tack on my Influential Artist list and chose twenty Influential ALBUMS, instead, listed alphabetically by album. These aren't the only favorites by those artists, but these have had the biggest influence on me. ) . . . . . . . . . . "99.9 F°" - Suzanne Vega; "A New World Record" - Electric Light Orchestra; "Ambient 4: On Land" - Brian Eno; "Audion" - Synergy; "Big Science" - Laurie Anderson; "Court and Spark" - Joni Mitchell; "Dreamboat Annie" - Heart; "Hotel California" - The Eagles; "Hounds of Love" - Kate Bush; "Jesus Christ Superstar" - Original Cast Album; "Life is Sweet" - Maria McKee; "Low" - David Bowie; "Nunsexmonkrock" - Nina Hagen; "Out of Time" - R.E.M.; "Pyramid" - The Alan Parsons Project; "Security" - Peter Gabriel; "The White Album" - The Beatles; "Theme of Secrets" - Eddie Jobson; "When I Was a Boy" - Jane Siberry; "Zoolook" - Jean-Michel Jarre

On "May the Fourth be With You Day" of 2017, I joined Taxi, with the goal of writing music suitable for film & TV placement. YIKES! It means opening up to the prospect of making music that appeals to more folks than just myself. So far, I've learned that I have a ways to go to make this work, but it's a road I'm willing to travel and look forward to finding out where it will lead me.

Goals for 2018?

I feel like I have a few competing impulses to follow this year. On the one hand I'd like to try all vocal improvs to capture quick melodies and spontaneous lyrics. On the other hand, I just updated Arturia Collection V to version 6 and now have access to good emulations of both Yamaha DX7 and the CMI Fairlight, and would like to spend all month digging deeply into those instruments to see what I can find. On the third hand, I'd like to focus on writing something specifically to a Taxi listing, since I'm still dragging me feet about that. On the fourth hand, I'd like to continue the work from 2017 building new instruments in Kontakt 5.

So maybe this year's FAWM will be some weird misshapen lump of all those things smashed together. In other words, I have no idea what's gonna happen.

Hello, 2018! Hello FAWM! It's mighty fine to see ya'll once again.


13 February Update:

I hit 14 songs early, so I'll now transition into FAWM 2018 Part II. The goal was to do 14 instrumental songs, and 14 lyric-focused tracks. That is open to interpretation, as "lyrics only" text or "lyrics only" audio, or "lyrics audio with varying amounts of music."

Track 12 was a spontaneous bit of fun, but it altered my track line-up, and it means I still want to post one more instrumental track. The interruption this caused gave me a day to consider trying something different.


For the 14th instrumental track I've decided to give myself two full weeks to work on it. Normally, I spend between four hours and two days on a track and then I put it away, rarely to return and work on it some more. I want to see what happens if I spend some time every day over the course of two weeks. My hope is that it lets me find or create voicings I might have missed, and better develop the overall composition. The time frame should give me the container/permission to create at least two finished tracks every month, regardless of what else I might have to do, and "FAWM Part II" is a good time to take a test drive on that process.

Songs (21)

#1 Is There a Sun Behind the Clouds? 7
2 weeks
#2 In Search of Travolta's Footsteps 6
2 weeks
#3 (Down Down) Turn It 5
2 weeks
#4 The Fairest Light Can Break Your Heart 4
2 weeks
#5 After the Storms, We Toil 4
2 weeks
#6 What's He De-Constructing In There? 11
2 weeks
#7 Hybrid Club Zone Detour 5
2 weeks
#8 The First Rule of Fairlight Fight Club is Don't Spike the CPU 4
1 week
#9 Voyager Encounters Gliese and is Welcomed 1
1 week
#10 Git Along, Little Digital Dogies 2
1 week
#11 The Gentlest Mist Comes Unexpected 5
1 week
#12 Chant of the Ever Circling Tribe of Donkeypants 8
1 week
#13 Rear View Mirror, Hour Two 3
1 week
#14 Happy Bright Sun Pop Crosses the Finish Line 4
1 week
#15 Let's Write a Crappy Song, Today! 5
1 week
#16 Every Day is Blop 4
6 days
#17 There is a Raging Monster 2
3 days
#18 Hunting the Wild Buchla 2
3 days
#19 Buchla Lullaby 2
2 days
#20 Meditations and Machinations 2
1 day
#21 Buchla HazMat Atari Doorstop Kingpen 2
19 hours


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  • @oblivionratula  5 days

    Thank you for listening to "Train Station Soundscape." I'm glad you enjoyed. I understand what you mean about using that space in the middle - in fact that's why I faded the heavy 'verb out there - I was highlighting my wife's silly banter of an inside joke. If I rework this after the month, though, I definitely want to bring out the track announcements more.

    I had to look up Man in a Suitcase. I'm glad the track resonated with you.

  • @jenniferjerboa 6 days

    I saw you use "cromulent" in a comment and knew I had to follow you.

  • @spinhead  1 week

    Ha! I'll see if I can find a passing probe to insert an extra 80-year life into my weekend.

  • @zecoop  1 week

  • @scottlake 1 week

    I can’t say that I can think of any rude behavior in that thread from you. I’m ok with disagreement. If we couldn’t have difference of opinion, then discourse can’t happen. We happened to talk about Starman at work and through that conversation, I found out my employer leases a facility from the government to do our ejection seat testing!

  • @benjaminnolan 1 week

    Hehe, I like that effect as well. It's not actually side-chaining at all, but simply Logic's Tremolo plug-in set to a 99% ramp synced to each beat. Effect works really well, and it doesn't affect the rest of the instruments like a lot of side-chaining techniques do. 😀

  • @sapient  1 week

    Thank you so much for the lovely comment you made on A Speck of Dust! We're never sure if anyone will ever take the time to listen to a song that's over 11 minutes long... We just have so much fun, and sometimes get a little carried away with it 😉

  • @brrrse  1 week

    Hey - thought I'd say something nice. I hope tomorrow is a really nice day for you. 😀

  • @sbs2018 1 week

    Thanks for your comment on “3 Drinks Later” - how wild your mom’s name is Ola. My aunt is the only person I know with that name - lol!

  • @fonte  2 weeks

    Ah thanks for letting me know that synth sound. I am still fairly new to synths and not sure what the words mean or how they work!!

  • @brrrse  2 weeks

    You make good words. Thank you. 😀

  • @brrrse  2 weeks

    I have a theory he is just sending the car to Mars so when he gets there on the next ship, it will already be ready for him. Thats one way to avoid having to pay shipping and handling LOL and he already has a cool ride. I just read that the Tesla is actually the 4th car in space, the other three are parked on the Moon. 😀

  • @brrrse  2 weeks

    I'll bring this here off thread - I remember when I was a toddler, my father holding my face to the tiny black and white TV screen and saying "Watch this remember it forever" while the craft landed on the moon - I was in the first Space-Oceans-Earth Explorer post - and we operated out of what is now Stennis Space Center, but at the time was NSTL - where they made the engines for the first space shuttle. I observed a live test of one of those engines from the top of the control bunker - LOUD - and watched the first shuttle launch beside one of the engineers in his living room - and you think we screamed today...he was pushing that shuttle up to the sky - and then challenger. I've been to the cape so many times, camped at Jetty Park - and lately I've been so sad - but this...this says "We're so sorry, Krista" and gives me so much hope!!!! Maybe I won't get off this rock, but my kids might! LOL

  • @sbs2018 2 weeks

    So glad you enjoyed “Letter to a Young Songwriter” on my website. I have to reread it to remind myself from time to time.

  • @writeandwrong  2 weeks

    Thanks so much for your kind comments on "Body and Ghost"!!! (。●́‿●̀。)

  • @ajna1960  2 weeks

    Upon reading your text above I see your news re Taxi 😀 I am a long time member and would love to help you in all things sync and Taxi, if you like 😀 You have spent so much time trying to help with my Flash issues, that reciprocating is the least I can do. Besides I am a big Taxi fan and believe in 'passing it on' as they say 😀

  • @petra777  3 weeks


  • @cts  3 weeks

    Thanks! I have the entry-level Arturia suite. I’m thinking about upgrading.

  • @donna  4 weeks

    I agree! That choice of the same singer(s) was hilarious, especially since that duet hasn't been around for eons. But when I saw that 'T' was up for grabs, 'Tenille' was the first name that sprang to mind. 😀

  • @unpronounceable  4 weeks

    <3 We got this 😀

  • @totallynotaspambot 4 weeks

    Haha! I enjoyed your comment, it was very clever 😁

  • @max  4 weeks


  • @writeandwrong  4 weeks

    Happy FAWMing!! 😀

  • @oddbod  5 weeks

    creative? well some might say lazy but thanks. Good to see you here again. Have an excellent FAWM

  • @krayzie003  5 weeks

    Happy FAWM to you!

  • @cts  5 weeks

    *Peace sign* 😀