Poptart Hero 23


Canada   3 weeks

Artist Bio

Influences:   KISS, Ac/Dc, Bob Dylan, Sonic Youth, Misfits, The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Nirvana, Seiko Oomori, The Smiths


It's time to come over here evil, I'm going to teach you a lesson and give you some good food. But is it good? I dunno. I am a dude who makes silly one man band rock songs. Recording with a Rock Band mic and using just what I have I try to express myself how it feels natural. Jangling, noise making, and guitar spanking, it's the Poptart Hero.
My music journey began when I was 12 and KISS become my first musical obsession. I was taken by their image but also the tunes, nothing had ever hit me in the same way. From there it all began, I wanted to play bass like Gene Simmons so...that's what I did! Then I learnt guitar from the works of Malcolm & Angus Young, drums became and thing and the Beatles song book, gave me a sort of idea how to sing. But most important and most key to my own music, Bob Dylan and Sonic Youth.

I never thought I could write songs until Bob's Highway 61 Revisited came into my life. Suddenly I realized, I can do this to! It was difficult, and still is, to figure out how serious I wanted to take my songs and everything felt aimless until I was introduced to the chaos of Sonic Youth. Daydream Nation, Sister, Goo, albums that shattered my idea of what guitar music can be. Suddenly in July I started to make music and bam, here we are...

Songs (23)

#1 Breakfast All Day 1
3 weeks
#2 Ding Dong Dangle 1
2 weeks
#3 Euphony In Bologna 1
2 weeks
#4 Guess My Number, Get My Colour (Hopcake Act I) 2
2 weeks
#5 How Dust Turns To Rust (Hopcake Act II) 1
2 weeks
#6 If Only Ice Froze As Nice (Hopcake Act III) 1
2 weeks
#7 Just Wait For The Pay Off (Hopcake Final Act) 2
2 weeks
#8 Let's Not 1
2 weeks
#9 No Special(s) Today 1
1 week
#10 Theme For Midnight Stella 2
1 week
#11 Cozy Nozi 1
1 week
#12 V Shaped Burn Out 1
1 week
#13 Trudeau In The Hoose 1
1 week
#14 Love Ballad #282 1
1 week
#15 Idol Eyes 1
4 days
#16 My Bop Bop 2
4 days
#17 Jellyfish captured my brain @neilconnor 3
3 days
#18 No Wave For Kitty 2
3 days
#19 Lovely Maidens Burn The Garden 2
2 days
#20 Galaxy Rock, Twin Tail Locked 1
2 days
#21 A Storm Brewing In Her Belly 12
2 days
#22 Strawberries Drip Like Blood 6
1 day
#23 Listening Is An Opinion 6
11 hours


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  • @laotranati 1 day

    Thanks for your comment on my storm winds skirmish, and congrats for having over 14 songs already!

  • @neilconnor 4 days

    Re Jelyfish, here's my edited version? I think this is singable and can work something up to it. Would need the full psychedelic effect when i get home from my studio.

    Have you seen this girl, she's gone missing
    I saw her zany eyes, but she's wishing
    To be someone else, she's captured herself
    I haven't seen her in a long, long time

    Waves whisk away, colours splashed upon the sand
    Crabs dance in tandem, love & nihilism roam the land
    Seahorses pick up the trails, bottom biters bite to the bone
    They’re get straight onto the case and pull her down alone

    Her striped bikini goes monochrome
    Bottom feeders steal her wish
    Finally she emerges, with starfish on her lips
    Crawling, clawing up to the surface, the waves whisk her away

    Drains drip down, bubblebath bombs explode
    She rips the image off, strips to the only self she knows
    She dips into the tub, feel its warming touch once more
    No matter how far down she slides, she’ll never go back to

  • @neilconnor 6 days

    Hey re Jellyfish and the deceiving start here's a thought: could I have a go a fashioning a song by editing it down? No problems either the way? 😀 neil

  • @yukinsain806 6 days

    Thank you for your comment on my song😄

  • @metalfoot  1 week

    As you've noticed, I just make *lots* of songs. 😉 Cheers!

  • @akokulit 1 week

    Thank you for your comments on my songs. 😀