pompeyjazz 11


Southsea UK   Feb 9


Artist Bio

Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist / Digital destroyer


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  • @igg  Feb 15

    Hi there!!!!! Welcome.....good to see you here!!!!

  • @martinswede Feb 14

    Thank you! The warning was more contextual.

  • @max  Feb 12

    Downloaded 56 Tricks from Bandcamp to give it a spin when FAWM is over.

  • @silvermachine  Feb 10

    Dude I forgot to say in my tips that when you want to reply to someone's message on your soundboard, you have to go to their soundboard and type it, or they dont get it.

  • @cahm Feb 10

    Hi mate thanks for the comments and it's fun to hear a different style in Pompey!

  • @martinswede Feb 10

    Thanks for commenting on my Matilda. You've got an amazing production rate and quality on your songs.

  • @pompeyjazz Feb 10

    Thanks for the welcomes guys and cheers for the tips on etiquette @silvermachine

  • @thefuneralcrasher  Feb 10

    Great to see you, John!

  • @silvermachine  Feb 9

    Hey man, good to see you here. Some tips:
    Add the lyrics to all your songs in the lyric box
    Add notes about each song in the liner notes box.Peeps like to read them.
    Put your personal introduction (below) in your profile bio box.
    Space the posting of your songs out over time, dont post a load at once.
    Review other peeps songs ( definitely mine!! 😁)
    Go on the forums and post in some threads youre intersted in to get yourself known.
    Look out for a thing called a 'Skirmish' , times given on the forums
    and try one if you fancy it.
    I'll listen to your songs later.

  • @pompeyjazz Feb 9

    Hi there, glad to be part of FAWM 2018. I'm a singer songwriter from the UK operating on multiple genres. Looking forward to hearing some great songs