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Strasburg USA   Feb 2016

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UPDATED 2/1/17

My name is Phil.

I've been having a hard time writing anything I consider worth keeping lately. I still haven't written the album that I was supposed to have released by 9/9/16 per a little agreement with a friend. I am hoping this year's FAWM will tear down the wall I've built between myself and successfully writing songs.

My plan is to write lyrics that I can hopefully turn into demos or full fledged songs. But to me, this FAWM will be a success if I can write 14 sheets of lyrics.


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  • @yam655  Feb 27

    It looks like you're successfully writing songs again! 😀

    Congratulations on the 14 + 10! 😀

  • @klaus  Feb 26

    Hi Phil. Thanks for you support and comments. I've been a little sick and feel a bit bad about not commenting but jeez you have some stellar tunes and lyrics here. The wall ( in your bio ) has certainly come crashing down. I hope to get back soon. Keep up the good work! 😀

  • @insaneian Feb 2017

    Thanks for listening to my only FAWM from last year, heh! I figured with a song and rock opera called "Alphabetically Yours", I'd keep with that alphabetical theme in the lyrics of the title track 😀

  • @insaneian Feb 2017

    Thanks for the kind words on "Back Again"! If you'd like to hear the first song (the title track) from the rock opera, you can check out "Alphabetically Yours" here: http://thefump.com/fump.php?id=2029

  • @timothybracken Feb 2017

    Thanks for the listen!!

  • @klaus  Feb 2017

    Thank you, Phil, for your kind words on Do You Wanna Rock. Yeah, live antics are my speciality. It's just I get so very excited every time I play San Francisco's Albert Hall. 😀

  • @ianuarius  Feb 2017

    Thanks for the comment 😀

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 2017


  • @klaus  Jan 2017

    Hi Phil. Are you gonna take part this year? I hope so.