paulster1967 7


Lancashire UK   Jan 28

Artist Bio

Influences:   Blues, Folk, Progressive Rock, Psychedelia

Novice writer and first time FAWMer

Songs (7)

#1 Run of the Mill 5
Feb 1
#2 The Seasons 2
Feb 4
#3 In it Together 2
Feb 8
#4 House of Cards 2
Feb 17
#5 Shattered 2
Feb 23
#6 My Rock and My Light 1
Feb 27
#7 The Dream Keeper 2
Feb 28


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  • @quork  Mar 20

    Thanks for your great comment. Nice to know itโ€™s a catchy song. I think my melody writing, which has been a weak spot, is coming along. Do you play any instruments? Put your songs to music?

  • @quork  Mar 12

    Thank you for commenting on Mrs Franklin. It is a fascinating story. One thing I came across that I thought would make a great song: when the expedition stopped at Greenland to transfer supplies from the transport ship five men were sent back to England for disciplinary reasons. As a result they were not among the 129 who died. I wonder what they ended up doing and how they felt as the years passed with no news of their former ship mates.

  • @jenniferlevenhagen  Feb 10

    Thank you for listening and commenting - I appreciate the kind notes ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 3

    Thank you for listening to and commenting on Woman by the bay. <3

  • @paulster1967  Feb 2

    Thanking everyone who commented on my posting of my first song Run of the Mill. I haven't composed a melody but if anyone is interested and wishes to compose one please do so

  • @audrey  Feb 1

    Welcome to FAWM Paulster. You're gonna love this community. This is my third year. I'm looking forward to reading more of your lyrics. Happy FAWMing.