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Maryland USA   Feb 2009

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Influences:   Tom Prasada-Rao, Jackson Browne, Artie Traum, David Wilcox, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Tom Kimmel, Brooks Williams, Pierce Pettis

Performing singer/songwriter/guitarist in MD. I like variety in styles and genres, but mostly write in folk/blues/pop genres. I primarily play guitar but also a bit of bass, mandolin, piano, and percussion. I'm an alumnus of Summersongs, Moab, Cedar Run, and Common Ground songwriting camps. I'm happy to collaborate online and/or get together with area folks to play music. For 2017, I'm taking to heart the advice of "give yourself permission to write a bad song." That is, I want to put more emphasize on writing SOMETHING (a bunch of times!) instead of deferring until I'm delighted with a new effort.

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