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  • @defaultdave  4 hours

    Thanks for checking out my sillyness...but really, don't near to hear about your dad's equipment 😁
    I keed!

  • @misterd 1 day

    Thankyou so much for listening and kind words on my song 'Port Arthur '

  • @berni1954 3 days

    I can appreciate where you are coming from with the back pain coment, Brian. That kind of pain is not the kind of pain I am exploring in the song. It was more inspired by the great speech that the father gives to his young gay son in "Call me by your name" - a movie I had just watched. After the first major affair of his young life the boy is about to build up an armour against the pain he feels when his older lover abandons him. But the father tells him that that would negate everything they had together if he did that. I really identified with that idea and the song was my response to it the next day.

    It is harder to see the point in the pain of a friend of mine who appears to be in a terminal stage of her illness. But she was in the back of my mind too while working on it.

  • @berni1954 6 days

    Hi Brian.

    I just sent you a note using the PM system on UU

    I have a draft of "A Gust of Wind" which I'd like to send you. I put my email on that note, in case tou haven't still got it.

  • @berni1954 1 week

    Hi Brian,

    luckily the tooth has not given me any gyp and we had a great break in the Algarve.

    I have only just got free of a translation that was hanging over my head (until they send me the next chapters) - so I hadn't seen the "Skirmish". I knew about them, but had no idea when they publish them and where.

    I'll check your link now.

  • @crimulus  1 week


  • @brrrse  1 week

    thanks for your words on Chariot. Yep - Oscar Schmidt Autoharp lovingly named Leviathan.

  • @berni1954 2 weeks

    I'm afraid lyrics for "A Gust of Wind " will have to wait till later (next week). Today I had a tooth collapse and had to go to the dentist's. Not been feeling very creative since. Plus I have a translation to finish today, if possible.

    In addition, we are off to Portugal for a mini break tomorrow - back Tuesday evening. It is freezing here in Catalunya (by our standards -there was actually some snow on the beaches in Barcelona yesterday!) so we're hoping it'll be warmer in the Algarve 😀