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Finland   Jan 2012


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Influences:   Iron Maiden, Thor (CAN), Judas Priest, Whiplash, Sodom (+other German Thrash), Death, forgotten Italo Disco / synthpop artists, 80's horror and action movies.

Hello! I'm Ville.

I used to be a drummer in a metal band, but the band is no more so I'm making music alone now. Well, at least until I manage to start a new band or join an existing one.

I make metal, rock, synthpop, chiptunes and some experimental stuff. I play guitar, bass and drums.

My first FAWM was in 2012 and I also tried the 50/90 challenge that year too.

Here's some stats for no reason:
FAWM 2012: 15 songs
FAWM 2013: 15 songs (1 collab)
FAWM 2014: 7 songs (1 collab)
FAWM 2015: 14 songs (1 collab)
FAWM 2016: 15 songs (2 collabs)

50/90 2012: 20 songs
50/90 2013: 6 songs
50/90 2014: 16 songs
50/90 2015: 1 (Had some other songs, but didn't post. Anyway a rubbish contribution.)

I probably can provide some electric guitar, bass and drum stuff if someone's looking for a collab. Also I might need some vocalists and/or lyricists for some instrumental songs that I'm quite likely going to make.
Cheers and good luck!

Songs (2)

#1 X-Ray Delta One @paulhenry  6
Feb 2017
#2 Can't Stand Standstill @tootoobee  6
Feb 19


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  • @tootoobee  Feb 28

    Hi Orb, didn't make it today, but I really like the music. The song is already posted, I'll add you as a collaborator and will start working on the vocals. When I'm done, should I send you the wave-file for a final mix?

  • @tootoobee  Feb 27

    Thank you!! Sounds really cool ๐Ÿ˜€ I try (รคh, there is no try) record something tomorrow... (I'm also busy with some other last minute collabs ...)

  • @tootoobee  Feb 26

    Don't worry, just take your time, I have Mo and Tue off, but also need to finish some stuff.

  • @tootoobee  Feb 21

    Cool! If you need to change words etc in the lyrics, feel free to do that. I could also try backing vocals (but not for hard rock ๐Ÿ˜€). Just dop me a note.

  • @tootoobee  Feb 20

    Hi again, I'm not really getting any further with the lyrics I first planned to write but maybe you like some lyrics I wrote in a skirmish yesterday? http://fawm.org/songs/72368/ If not I might need a bit more time.

  • @tootoobee  Feb 2017

    Hi, I just drew you as a partner for the random collab, so I guess I'll write some lyrics ๐Ÿ˜€. Don't have anything at the moment, but probably within the next two or three days.

  • @paulhenry  Feb 2017

    I agree, I had a lot of fun doing it. I never would have written the lyric the way I did without that great track you wrote. I can send you (I think) rendered versions of the "X-Ray Delta One" track and the vocal, sure. What audio format do you want? You can use the email on my profile page.

  • @paulhenry  Feb 2017

    Hi orbh!

    Okay, I put up the lyrics and a download link. Let me know what you think. Then we can put real liner notes in and an official link instead of Dropbox.

  • @paulhenry  Feb 2017

    Hi, orbh,

    Okay, I have a first pass on the lyrics, but it's late and it's too quiet to sing them now. I'll get a first pass on vocals tomorrow and send it to you.

  • @paulhenry  Feb 2017

    Thanks for the clarification on chiptune. I didn't know the term. I think of those tunes as 8-bit music, but I don't know if that's a real term or something I just made up. And some of those tunes were really infectious. In a good way.

    I have three titles for you. Depending on how they strike you, we could come up with something funny, or disturbing, or depressing...

    1. Don't Fear the Vegetable
    This could be a funny song about vegetables (zombie vegetables?)

    2. Another Useless Day
    One of the stories we grow up with is that we are the heroes of our own lives. We're supposed to change the world, be the best at something, accomplish great things, etc. Less attention is given to the art of simply being present to the world. Listening, enjoying the gifts of sky, earth, and people. Change the world? or watch the waves roll in? Invent the next Big Thing? or watch the fire with a friend?

    3. X-Ray Delta One
    Okay, I have no real idea about this one yet. But there's a Flickr collection of vintage science fiction images that goes by this name, contributed by a user names James Vaughan. I've wanted to write a song based on it. Take a look and see if it inspires you too.

  • @paulhenry  Feb 2017

    Hi orbh,

    I don't have anything in mind. I have to tell you, I know almost no metal music! This is truly a random pairing, so let's have some fun with it.

    I'm up for trying anything as well. Do you usually come up with music first, or I could come up with a lyric idea or a theme. . .

    Okay, one more thing. In your bio you mention "chiptunes." What are they?

  • @jamkar  Jan 2017

    Greetings Sir! Looking forward to your best!