JD Lane 3


Dunedin USA   Jan 2012

Artist Bio

Looking forward to FAWM this year. Last year I let life get in the way and had one idea that never gelled enough to be recorded. Determined to not let that happen again -


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  • @brrrse  Jan 28

    Thanks for the follow on Soundcloud. I love your music! Have a GREAT FAWM!

  • @krayzie003  Jan 28

    Hey from Largo. Hope you have a successful FAWM.

  • @kevinemmrich  Jan 28

    Jim, good to see you back again! I actually bought a ditto x2 looper to try and learn some interesting things if I ever play out again. Won't help me at FAWM, but maybe in the future. We will have to do something together this year if we can swing it!