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Madison USA   Jan 2016

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My name is JOe. I like to rock!

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  • @crisp1  15 hours

    Thanks for the comment on Infinite Sky, Joe. Yeah, it's been a busy February. Still a few days left! Loved the cheeseburger song, man. Still laughing!

  • @donna  3 days

    Joe, I'm so sorry to hear about Peavey. I lost a dear feline friend a long, long while ago, and it still pains me.

  • @scubed  1 week

    Thanks so much for your comment on my Winter River song!

  • @rainchaser  1 week

    I am currently working on a song with my collaboration partner from the random collab challenge thread. I could've been done with it a long time ago, but I've ran to issues with the tempo, so I'm redoing it this time with the right tempo. And I've also been busy with work throughout the past two weeks, so it's hard for me to stay focus on it everyday. I don't even know when I'm going to upload it but eventually it will be uploaded.

  • @igg  1 week

    Hey Joe!
    Thanks for the lovely words my friend!!!

  • @johncrossman  1 week

    Hey, thanks for the listens! I eventually cleaned up my skirmish if you want to hear it instead of reading it. Check it here if you have a chance:

    Where are the recordings man, equipment not available? Coming soon to a fawm near us? πŸ˜€

  • @suziewithaz  2 weeks

    Great songs. I look forward to more. Rock on.

  • @berni1954 2 weeks

    Glad to have impressed you! Thanks for the promise to check out my other stuff. Here's mine coming back at you!

  • @wolfkier 2 weeks

    Nice to see you here too. Looking forward to some OWLR songs this month. Bring it!

  • @johncrossman  2 weeks

    Good to see you back, JOe. Rock it!

  • @sueawesome 2 weeks

    thanks for the comment on 'take me', I hope so too!!

  • @oneslowtyper  3 weeks

    LMAO!! That wildly extensive "Artist Bio" is so deep and intense! haha
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Joe. I'll be watching this space to hear some of your future submissions.
    Cheers, John

  • @donna  3 weeks

    Hi, Joe. πŸ˜‰ I hope you get feeling better soon. πŸ˜‰

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  3 weeks

    Hello fellow lover of rock.
    πŸ˜€ Looking forward to any rock you bring forth from the quarry.

  • @ferry0123 3 weeks

    Thanks for nice your comment on my first, Joe. Good to hear you want it to be longer, a good reminder for me in the future. Looking forward to hearing new stuff of yours.

  • @ferry0123 3 weeks

    Joe, good to see and about to hear you here too! Yes, I'm in for a month of fun!

  • @igg  3 weeks

    Howdy right back at you friend!

  • @tamsnumber4 3 weeks

    HEY JOE! Hope you are FAWMing this year!!

  • @nancyrost  4 weeks

    Welcome back!