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United States   2 weeks

Artist Bio

Influences:   John Denver to Aphex Twin. Latest expansion has been into jazz with Kamasi Washington blowing my mind.

Guitar and synth noodler and former High School poet. Trying to find a little more focus in my 45th a year on the planet. FAWM rookie.

More gear than talent, including this living room setup:

And some Eurorack:

Also, not pictured, Korg Karma, Moog Sub37, Arturia MiniBrute, Korg SQ-1, Arturia BeatstepPro, Martin D1 and Yamaha 12-string acoustics, and a few other guitars, fiddle, and mandolin.

I record primarily on a MacBook Pro into Reaper via Scarlett 18i8 + Behringer ADA-8200 direct and with MXL mics. Guitars are usually recorded through an Avid ElevenRack, but sometimes mic'ed.


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  • @sync  3 days

    So appreciate the pics of your gear! The suitcase synth must be so much fun! The black tele is my go to for every song this now. I don't even pretend to use the strat or les Paul anymore.

  • @axl  5 days

    Thanks for your nice comment. That german is flawless.. (it's "die Basslinie").. I'm the same age as you, btw. Have a great second FAWM half!

  • @acousticmaddie  5 days

    Thank you I am so happy you liked it

  • @zecoop  5 days

    Ahhhhh.... a baritone guitar is on 'my list'. I love the sound of those. I have a Tacoma DM912 acoustic 12 string I got about 18 years ago that I absolutely love. 12 strings in general are just one of my favorite sounds. I drool over Rics, but will never actually have one, which is ok. Same with the Ric bass of my dreams, lol.

  • @zecoop  5 days

    I have an Agile Harm 3 electric 12 string... It's like this one only Natural Maple top. Pretty inexpensive and I've liked it. 😀

  • @johnhudome  5 days

    Thanks for your note. There is no "failing at FAWM." Write what you write and do what you do. Being here at all is a HUGE success.
    Cheering for you!!!

  • @dragondreams  1 week

    I do like me a bit of Satch, so I guess his influence are bound to show when I crank the amps. 😉
    Many thanks for taking the time to inflict my tune on your ears.

  • @johnhudome  1 week

    Thanks for the nice comments on Springtime.

  • @oddaustin 1 week

    You should look into those TMBG lyrics if you think they weren't cynical to begin with. Thanks for the comment.

  • @andygetch  2 weeks

    Hi and welcome to FAWM!

  • @echovoodoo 2 weeks

    Welcome to FAWM!

  • @petra777  2 weeks