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United States   Feb 2

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I'm trying haha. I'm sorry to disappoint already, but if I ever finish a song, it'll only be lyrics because I really have no time to record and compose. I'm taking this as a good practice for my skills as a lyricist. Thanks for existing~


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  • @seanbrennan  Feb 26


    Thanks for your patience, and for keeping tabs on my FAWM output! It means a lot that you've been stopping by to listen.

    I'm mixing "Fall" as we speak - I had an idea in early February, but then I got sidelined by work and since then I've found it to be a challenging lyric. Challenging in a good way! I'll repost it as a collab track; hopefully you like what I've done with it. 😀

  • @seanbrennan  Feb 3

    Hi again! I'm glad you're interested. I just uploaded a song with the instrumentation I have at my disposal, so consider it my "audition" for you! I won't be offended at all if the performance level or production level aren't quite where you'd want to hand the lyrics off... lyrics are like children, we have to take care of 'em.

    For your lyrics I'd be doing a much gentler take with less percussion, probably a finger-picked guitar line, a static string part, and lots of vocal harmony.

    If that all sounds ok, just let me know! If I don't hear from you, I'll take it as a "no" and I'll take no offense whatsoever. Keep writing! 😀