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Helsinki Finland   Jan 2015

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Influences:   black coffee, affordable beer, Elliott Smith, Swans, Sufjan Stevens, Mari Boine, David Eugene Edwards' bands, 013, Doors, Sur-rur, Lau Nau, Teemu Bergman's bands, Karen Dalton, Jackson C. Frank, MBV, Trane etc etc etc

Mnet crew! Pif 1% crew!!!

A third-time fawmer with an acoustic guitar and stuff. The esoteric lady master of crappy demos.

I have three different "projects" to write for: 1) a Sunday-music shoegaze band 2) my own Finnish or North Sámi black folk songs 3) an experimental one-man band Sergio Pissahätä. Don't know which one is gonna get my attention this FAWM.

I bought a banjolele a coupla days ago and have my home wine pot half empty. That's pretty much all of it. Let's make music!

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