Nine 14


Sofia Bulgaria   8 weeks

Artist Bio

Influences:   Hard Bop, Trip Hop, Blues, Grunge, Bulgarian Dark Wave & Post Punk

28.12.1988 - Heard Metallica for the first time.
1990-91 - played some trumpet in the school orchestra
1990 - my first guitar
1994 - my first bass
1996 - our first studio demos
1997-2011 - nothing to report
2011-- some band activity


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  • @deena  4 weeks

    So glad that fawm has gotten you going!

  • @deena  4 weeks

    Five years.... that's interesting. Please do tell about the germination of your idea.

  • @lowhum  4 weeks

    Гошо acknowledges your comment 😀)

  • @fearlessflight2014  6 weeks

    Thanks for visiting 'Lie Down'. I appreciate your kind comment. 😀

  • @cloudhopper  6 weeks

    yes, i use google translate but i try to double check so i'm not being insulting.

  • @calumcarlyle 7 weeks

    @nine well you can sing in a group like that. That song was recorded on my phone, and all three voices are my own!