Ansojen nilkki 23


Tampere Finland   Jan 2015

Artist Bio

Influences:   Skirts/dresses, pigtails & knee-high socks - Prussianism - Imperial stout

Award-winning (and published) poet. A wistful flâneur and an proud idler.

"Life is a lot like jazz... it's best when you improvise." - George Gershwin


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  • @ohkshea 1 hour

    Thanks for the comment on "I Know You Would," appreciate your insight!

  • @yarimurray  21 hours

    Thank you for listening and commenting on Sister. I look forward to hearing your stuff. It looks like you've been quite prolific!

  • @aneil 2 days

    Thx for comment on greatness! By no means done yet! You finished 14 already plus some! Well done

  • @stephiesongwriter 1 week

    @aricate is definitely awesome if you want it totally belted out and awesome, by the way! Hope you guys get to collaborate!

  • @stephiesongwriter 1 week

    So many solid tracks 😀 let me know if you want me to try to add vocals to anything! I’m more of a whisperer than a belt it out kinda girl, but let me know if you think something could work!

  • @chucknamaste 1 week

    Thanks for your comments on “Dark Side of the Synth”! Glad that it sparked your imagination and let you drift off a little bit 😁

  • @sci 2 weeks

    I've gotta say I really like how you worded your comment on my track: "microtonality actually works on this occasion." lol
    But you're right, microtonality can be weird and unapproachable. It's something that's been on my mind, trying to figure out why that is and how I can make it seem more natural. From your comment, I think I can say "mission accomplished". more or less 😝

  • @aricate 2 weeks

    Emailing you for possible collab!

  • @nancyrost  4 weeks

    Hello, fellow Serge G. fan!