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United States   Feb 1

Artist Bio

Influences:   Eric Church, Brantley Gilbert, Luke Combs, Sam Hunt, Thomas Rhett, Chase Rice

First time on FAWM.

Name is Zac, wrote my first song (lyrics/melody) somewhere between 10-12 years old. Used to keep a notebook of lyrics/poems as a kid. At 18 I got talked into recording a rap song and enjoyed the writing/recording process a ton. Since I didn't play any instruments and had an affinity for lyrics, it was an easy genre to get into. Early 20's I picked up my first guitar and started my transition back into the country music that sparked my passion for writing from day one.

I'm still much more comfortable as a lyricist than a guitar player, but my ability to write about my country roots and infuse a little of the hiphop elements I picked up in college fits pretty well into today's country music (I think anyway).

Still working on getting my first full country project finished up, so I'm hoping this contest will spark a gem to make the cut.

Songs (14)

#1 My Old Man 5
Feb 3
#2 Tonight 2
Feb 4
#3 Real Problems 1
Feb 16
#4 What if We Never Did 1
Feb 16
#5 Bandaid 1
Feb 20
#6 I Pray For You 1
Feb 21
#7 Conversations We Never Had 1
Feb 21
#8 Rebel Rider 1
Feb 23
#9 Right Words 1
Feb 23
#10 6 String Dream 1
Feb 23
#11 Throw a Little Dirt 2
Feb 23
#12 Thinking of You @marthie 2
Feb 23
#13 Last Ride 2
Feb 24
#14 Wasn’t a Dream 3
Feb 24


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  • @marthie Mar 12

    Hey could you add me as collaborator and add songlink please?

  • @marthie Mar 12

    I tried something

  • @hummingbear Mar 9

    Whew! Congratulations!

  • @hummingbear Mar 8

    She did say "yes," right? Please tell me your fears were for naught. And everyone likes to play in the mud - it's the secret behind gardening and playing with grandkids, acceptable forms of getting dirty as we get older.

  • @tamsnumber4 Mar 5

    Congrats on your trophy! Hope you can get around and comment a bit on FAWM so that others will come in here and discover your lyrics, they are very good!!

  • @carmenmorgan13 Feb 16

    Hey, you are doing awesome. I'm very much behind, and today is a catch up day. lol My guitar and mandolin look rather angry at me, so I need to rectify that situation. I can write no problem. It's the chords, the sound of it that takes me forever. Thus, the challenge.

  • @writeandwrong  Feb 3

    Welcome to FAWM! ヽ(•‿•)ノ