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Lahti Finland   Jan 31  

Artist Bio

Influences:   psychedelia, noise, drone, all sorts of experimental and avantgardist things

Welcome to my experimental album writing month! I figured 14 songs isn't challenging enough, so I am going to experiment different things through songwriting and recording!
1. Blindfolded (Done)
2. Without hearing any backing tracks I recorded earlier (Done)
3. Without instruments (Done)
4. Playing from a different room than I record (Done)
5. All Instruments in different tuning (Done)
6. All instruments played with either mallet or bow (Done)
7. Left handed (Done)
8. Reversed (Done)
9. With only metal junk (Done)
10. Only acoustic instruments (Done)
11. Only electric instruments (Done)
12. Lyrics out of fridge magnets (Done)
13. Dog on the vocals (Done)
14. Printer as a drum machine (Done)
15. Without hands (Done)

I also make visual art, which is pretty much like my music:

If you like what I do, here's my previous cassette album Lopun Ajan Kansan Lauluja:

My Bands:
Cut To Fit:
J. Kill & Mr. Mule:
Electric Hobo:
Norman Bates Bluesband:

Songs (23)

#1 Blindfolded 14
Feb 1
#2 The Beethoven Experiment 5
Feb 1
#3 Without Instruments 8
Feb 1
#4 Other Rooms 5
Feb 2
#5 Out of Tune 3
Feb 2
#6 Mallets and Bows 9
Feb 2
#7 Left Hand Path 5
Feb 2
#8 In Reverse 7
Feb 3
#9 Scrap Metal 5
Feb 3
#10 Only Acoustics 5
Feb 3
#11 Only Electrics 9
Feb 3
#12 Fridge Magnet Words 4
Feb 4
#13 Song For A Dog 7
Feb 8
#14 Printer As A Drum Machine 7
Feb 8
#15 Footwork 1
Feb 9
#16 Tyhjien Ruumiiden Huuto 2
Feb 13
#17 Mind is a trap 1
Feb 15
#18 On The Road To Eternal Damnation 3
Feb 15
#19 Finally There 2
Feb 15
#20 Beyond Damnation 2
Feb 16
#21 After All, Redemption 5
Feb 16
#22 Beyond Redemption 4
Feb 16
#23 LSD 1
Feb 19


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  • @avogt1 Feb 24

    Wow I love this concept, wish I would have discovered you a bit sooner this month but I'm gonna try to do at least one of these challenges. Very inspiring!

  • @petemurphy  Feb 9

    I just found your page. I've listened to a couple of things on your bandcamp page and to a few things on here. I really love what I'm hearing. The freedom that you have in your music is something that I aspire to, and it's very inspiring. I will come back and comment on your songs, but for now I'm going to bed. Thank you.

  • @siebass  Feb 7

    How about writing a song that works as a song when played backwards AND forwards? Plus then it's like 2 songs.

  • @ryako  Feb 7

    Thanks for the comment!

  • @jvallius Feb 4

    jöör bandcämp url iz kaput

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 3

    Wow you're the best
    it's sure to catch fire over there.
    How much do I owe you?

  • @fuzzy  Feb 2

    Hey, here's a tip; if you want to reply to people's comments to you, go to their Soundboard to reply otherwise they won't see it. It's a weird glitch, I know, but otherwise they'll miss what you have to say. Hope this helps!

  • @mrmule Feb 2

    @bluescreen thank you. Yeah, I don't consider any of these to be timeless masterpieces, but more like variations on the platonic Idea of a Song. And to experiment with different approaches. I tend to think I work best without limitations but turns out restricting one's self like this can be very inspiring and useful! But my actual music is somewhere completely else, this is what I consider my somewhat "magnum opus" by far as far as albums go:

  • @bluescreen Feb 2

    definitely the most interesting musician I've discovered so far this year, if for no other reason just due to how eclectic you are seriously seven songs and it's only the second, I've not loved everything I've heard (although I definitely loved Other Rooms a lot) but there's always at least an idea for me to really sink my teeth into

  • @mrmule Feb 2

    @michaelepic thank you! It's just fun and I have pretty much nothing better to do. The next one takes some more thinking though.

  • @michaelepic Feb 2

    Hey, welcome to FAWM! I can't believe you're already so far on day two! That's EPIC! I'll definitely be checking your songs out, especially Left Hand Path. That's just a cool title lol

  • @mrmule Feb 1

    Thank you both. This is an interesting workshop thingy to begin with!

  • @fuzzy  Feb 1

    Hey, your album project looks interesting, so I've Watchlisted you! Welcome to FAWM!

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 1

    Hey, welcome, look around, there are several other noisemakers around here.