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Montclair USA   Jan 2018

Artist Bio

Influences:   Music. Life. Honesty. As pretentious as all of that'll see as the month unfolds!

As a first-time FAWMer, I cannot wait to push myself through this challenge. I've been the drummer of the band Match Party for a long time, but recent life events have caused a creative tsunami to cascade through me. I look forward to riding its crest, in a lo-fi, "feel it don't think too hard about it" approach.

So what you'll be hearing is real instruments being recorded onto a LG K20 Plus phone's voice recorder, then imported into Nero8 Soundtrax for mixing and mastering. Since it runs on a Toshiba laptop, there are limitations. And you may hear glitches occasionally in the background. I think the point here is to make music, not perfection. In essence, show ya what I'm workin' wit.


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  • @kenjku  Mar 3

    Dude, super impressed with what you brought to the table for your first Fawm! Had no idea you played guitar, sang or composed. You brought a lot of different styles and just seemed very inspired and had fun. Very impressed brother. Great job on your debut Fawm! šŸ™ŒšŸ»

  • @cloudboy  Mar 1

    Congrats on 8! And your first FAWM!

  • @unclephilly Feb 17

    Thanks for listening to my songs man, I really value your compliments. Anniversary is a favourite too, I've really warmed to it since writing it.

    It's funny your comment about the snare in Solstice, they're all midi drums that I've programmed, and I'm not a drummer at all so it's all guesswork really. Any effect that snare has is unintentional, you're clearly listening on a far deeper level than me!

  • @cloudboy  Feb 17

    Hello hello! Thanks for your kind words and thoughtful insights on my output so far. It's wonderful to connect with someone else that's local! Get to 14, my man.

  • @kenjku  Feb 16

    Tank you sir! Anytime my man. Anytime. We here for ya. Music is a powerful outlet and can wonders for our mind and spirit.

  • @kenjku  Feb 12

    Wow, thanks bud. Really appreciate the kind words about the song! Iā€™m glad you liked it and found it to be moving. Iā€™m glad I stuck it out too...but I had to stop working on it. I was planning on getting this song up like a week ago haha.

  • @veritystar Feb 6

    Ohhh haiiii

  • @lhcisco  Feb 6

    What's up man!! Gimme some of that 8-Bit goodness! Just just downloaded Mega Man II sounds track. gonna try to sneak some of those melodies into some songs this year.

  • @guatecoop  Jan 23

    I'm very glad that you've joined us! Have a great FAWM