mjc 14


Talbot Rd UK   Jan 2017


Artist Bio

Influences:   Radiohead, Bon Iver, Laura Marling, Sufjan Stevens, Foo Fighters, Lots of Singer Songwriters, Guitars and nice voices

I love music - Both playing and listening, especially Live. I played my first open mic last October in London and loved it. I have played a lot in Churches but am taking a break from that. My Brother aka Yakobo is the real talent but I love having a go as well. I wrote a song last Sept and this is my first ever FAWM

Songs (14)

#1 Luke warm is no good 3
Feb 4
#2 Broken Hope 2
Feb 4
#3 Are you Ready (To Remain)? 5
Feb 4
#4 Peace of the Wild Things 2
Feb 4
#5 Embrace the Fullness of Life 2
Feb 5
#6 Plank Spectacles 2
Feb 5
#7 Moving Home 2
Feb 5
#8 Battle For Soul 4
Feb 7
#9 Hineni 2
Feb 8
#10 Tension/Paradox 3
Feb 9
#11 Adoration 2
Feb 9
#12 Grace 2
Feb 9
#13 Unforced Rhythms (walk with me) 2
Feb 9
#14 Reality, Grief, Hope 2
Feb 9


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  • @mjc Feb 9

    Well, what a whilrwind. I've now worked on/crafted/created/loving grafted over 14 tracks! Some are works in progress, some may get scrapped, some need changes and improvements. It's been a good process.

  • @tiller2  Feb 9

    Hi, fyi your soundcloud link to Tension/Paradox is not working! I'm quite interested in the subject so I look forward to hearing it.

  • @mjc Feb 7

    First week of FAWM and my first time ever doing this. I've worked on 2 older songs (Lukewarm is no good and Broken Hope) and made some improvements (yet to record them though so have stuck up demos) 5 new songs/ideas fully done plus lyrics to 'Are You Ready' A pretty good weeks work amidst 2 speaking engagements in Bournemouth and Southall and taking on The Minimalists Challenge http://www.theminimalists.com/game/

  • @woodmeister  Jan 30

    Welcome to FAWM I hope you enjoy the experience.

  • @mjc Jan 2017

    I am really looking forward to this experience. I am going in with an open mind and an open heart, keen to write songs of honesty and openness and one's that hopefully sound good. I may book myself into an Open Mic Night after the experience to play some of the songs live.