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Canada   Jan 2013


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Influences:   Aimee Mann, Imogen Heap, Ella Fitzgerald.

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s FAWM time again..
I won’t be participating this year - but I’m looking forward to hearing your tunes. Happy FAWM!

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  • @sciren  2 weeks

    Look forward to your amazing feedback every year! Thanks so much for listening. <3

  • @tamsnumber4 2 weeks

    Hey!! I'm so happy you stopped by for a visit...I will miss your voice so much...I know what is it like to have to make choices, but I'm selfishly sad....sigh....

  • @mdavisto  2 weeks

    Hayyyyyyy you're here! Thanks for the commenty love.

    Hey how come you're depriving us this year?

  • @tamsnumber4 3 weeks

    Want to hear your beautiful voice again!!

  • @mdavisto  5 weeks

    Here we go again!