misswillow 3


Nashville USA   Feb 2014


Artist Bio

Music Is My Redemption, My Desire, My Sermon, My Demon, My Hymn. It Is My Secret, My Memory, My Dream, My Skin And My Sleep. Music Is My Mother, And My Father. I Am A Daughter Of Music.

I Am A Daughter Of The Church. Of Ministers, Missionaries, Tent Raisers And Gospel Callers. A Daughter Of Healers, Worshippers, Snake-Handlers, Gardeners, And Keepers Of Faith. I Am A Daughter Of Oklahoma, And Of Japan. A Daughter Of The Dust Bowl; And The American West.

I Am A Daughter Of Words. I Am In Love With The Feel Of Them Leaving My Tongue And Lips, The Way My Voice Almost Becomes Foreign To Me, And The Vibration Of A Guitar Across My Chest. Iā€™m Addicted To The Feeling Of Sound, Like Light Leaving My Body.

Music And Words Have Been A Part Of Me From The Beginning, Since Before I Knew They Were There. Like Unborn Children Or Lovers Not Yet Known, They Were Lying In Wait.

I Write Because My Head Would Be Too Cluttered Otherwise, Because I Need To Remember, And To Forgive. Each Song I Write Stays With Me, Leaves An Imprint Of Where I Was And What I Felt As It Came. Their Flavors Stay On My Tongue Even As Years Pass. My Songs Are Like Memories; Like The Whispers Of Ghosts.

The Album, 'Radio Sky', Is My Attempt To Capture The Lush, Lullaby-Hushed, Lost, Circus-Spinning Feel Of The Garden. A Collection Of Songs That Is Fresh With New Skin, But Whose Lineage Can Be Traced Through My Past Records.

I Am A Daughter Of Music.