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New York USA   Feb 2006


Artist Bio

Influences:   bob dylan, loudon wainwright, lennon & mccartney, george harrison, richard thompson, grateful dead/jerry garcia, frank sinatra (& all the jazz standards he sang by gershwin, cole porter, rogers & hart, harold arlen, etc etc), john prine, dan bern, hank williams, tom lehrer, allen sherman, various classical composers, today's headlines, yesterday's obituaries, & lots more I guess..

I've in New York City , been doing FAWM since 2006. I play acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin, bass, harmonica,and a bit of banjo and dobro. I tend to write a mix of the serious and comic, and sometimes with topical or political songs.

I have two older cds on CD Baby -"mike skliar" released about 2004, at cd baby here: http://cdbaby.com/cd/skliar
and "Ship of State" from 2009 (featuring many other fawmers singing on the title track and contributing to other tracks too) http://cdbaby.com/cd/skliar2

More recent projects are on bandcamp (mostly all free or pay-what-you-want (and free is fine!)-

2012- "February Singing"
2013 "My Kingdom for a song"
2014 "Singing the obvious to the oblivious"
2014 'Summer of Ice"
2015 "You're fine, how am i"
2016- "How low do we have to go"
2016- "Need you in November"
2016- "Love trumps hate"
2016- "Chill on Chill"
2017- "This is what democracy sounds like"
2017- "Summer of the Orange Disaster"
2017- "Whatever Magic"

2018- new album "Where do we go from here?"


These albums are sometimes drawn from the various FAWM and 50/90 (50 songs in 90 days) songs I wrote and recorded, with a some polishing and re-recording added. Link to the whole bandcamp collection (click on the right side links for the older ones) is at : http://mikeskliar.bandcamp.com/

Notes on a few of them-

most recent album 'where do we go from here' is taken from the best of this year (2018) FAWM songs, with several songs totally re-recorded, many of them remixed, etc etc. I'm really happy with it and hope you check it out (and let me know if you want a free download code)

the second most recent album as of this writing is "Whatever Magic" which is non-political (for the most part) and was released in the fall of 2017. The one before that, "Summer of the Orange Disaster" is a political, anti-trump album written and released in the summer of 2017.

"Chill on Chill" is an electronica-flavored virtual instrument album called that's a big departure for me- an all-instrumental groovefest, and alot of fun.

Finally, the last few years I've been part of a collaborative musical project, "Seth & Skliar" with a good friend of mine who is a NYC Cabdriver- our debut album is a combination of spoken word, songs, poems & stories about NYC, cab driving, etc.. it's called "The Bards of Gridlock" - its great fun and a real trip!


the 'seth and skliar' project will hopefully also be active this FAWM and posting brand new songs here at http://fawm.org/fawmers/sethandskliar/

Songs (39)

#1 Where do we go from here? 35
Feb 2018
#2 Cave Shadows 23
Feb 2018
#3 Rebuttal to State of the Union address 19
Feb 2018
#4 Never saw it coming (skirmish) 23
Feb 2018
#5 Living on borrowed time @sethandskliar 10
Feb 2018
#6 58 10
Feb 2018
#7 Wear your heart on someone else's sleeve 10
Feb 2018
#8 Jesus, Simon and Garfunkel @stevenwesleyguiles  38
Feb 2018
#9 Meet me by the riverside @wen  12
Feb 2018
#10 He's bad 10
Feb 2018
#11 Thoughts from Past Presidents 16
Feb 2018
#12 1983, a space odyssey (parts1 and 2) 10
Feb 2018
#13 Cheerless celebration 9
Feb 2018
#14 Winter Olympics 2018 13
Feb 2018
#15 Helen by starlight 11
Feb 2018
#16 Love in the 21st Century (love is meant to be brought home) 7
Feb 2018
#17 Thoughts and prayers (NSFW) 26
Feb 2018
#18 Travelling Sailor (skirmish) 17
Feb 2018
#19 Happy Birthday Burr Settles (skirmish) 17
Feb 2018
#20 One little song (the arc...) 11
Feb 21
#21 Why is the world so sleazy 9
Feb 23
#22 That time when (skirmish) 9
Feb 24
#23 Sunday, or not (skirmish) 9
Feb 25
#24 My headache is orange 16
Feb 25
#25 U turn (to the real you) 11
Feb 26
#26 Connection @nancyrost  20
Feb 26
#27 Not getting any younger 12
Feb 26
#28 Revolution? Revelation! 9
Feb 28
#29 Stay Grumpy 8
Feb 28
#30 All I really want to do is.. @anothersideof 5
Feb 28
#31 black pudding blues @anothersideof 4
Feb 28
#32 Non-Spanish Harlem Incident @anothersideof 4
Mar 1
#33 Goodbye, Lincoln Plaza 12
Mar 1
#34 Crimes of Freedom @anothersideof 2
Mar 1
#35 song about a jury trial (lyrics only) 3
Mar 1
#36 My back pages @anothersideof 7
Mar 1
#37 placeholder for 1929 martin story ZONG
Mar 1
#38 the open road, the open tuning 15
Mar 1
#39 Somewhere its still February (lyrics only) 10
Mar 1


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  • @hummingbear Mar 21

    Thanks for your comments on "Tiny, Shiny Ego," glad it hit the mark. It's both general and reminds me of our big cheese who daily grabs the media spotlight...

  • @sunnymae  Mar 21

    Mike... thanks so much for your wonderful feedback on change of season. Funny you speak about the power of brevity in this song as I was wondering if I should add another Set of verses and come back around to the chorus again. Interesting timing on your comments. Hmm....

  • @frey Mar 20

    Thank you for all the nice comments!

  • @srcoops Mar 19

    Thanks for your nice comments on New Kid. I had not realized that I had the he to I conversion.

  • @wacha  Mar 19

    Thank you so much for your feedback on "Quilted Heart", I'll definitely give your suggestion a shot. I the idea a lot.

  • @hummingbear Mar 18

    Thanks for your kind comment on "Cabin Boy." I read an article that said a third of cabin boys were dead or disabled within two years of service - brief lives!

  • @jibbidy34  Mar 8

    Whatdayawantamedal? Well you’re getting one! You are SUPERB Tripletime Trooper! You took the time to write 300 comments and listen to all those songs! Thanks for your almighty contribution to our community. You have 300 thank you’s from your fellow FAWMers and from me! Excellent work and keep busting’ those zongs!!

  • @mmmmarcus  Mar 3

    Thank you so much for the nice words on "Blood Moon", very glad you liked the track and thank you for taking the time to listen and comment!

  • @gslade Mar 2

    Thanks for stopping by Bullets Mike. All three of my songs hit on the gun issue this year. You should hear the ridiculous debates I have to endure even with family down here in MS. Outrageous.

  • @oblivionratula  Mar 2

    Thanks for the listen/comment on "Harry Balsagna!" Stupid-ass silly song just begged to be written.

  • @nancyrost  Mar 1

    Wow! When do you sleep?

  • @nancyrost  Mar 1

    34! Holy moley!

  • @cloudboy  Mar 1

    Congrats on 34! Holy shmoly!

  • @mishykatz  Feb 28

    Thanks for the listen and comment on Banana Cream Pie! You have been busy! Happy last day of FAWM18

  • @misterd Feb 28

    Thanks so much for listening and commenting on my song 'late night TV. '. Really appreciate it ! Thanks πŸ™

  • @keithcuts Feb 27

    Hi Mike thanks for warm welcome and comments! Glad to be here πŸ‘

  • @dani312 Feb 26

    PS- 26 songs!! Amazing!!

  • @dani312 Feb 26

    Thank so much for your comments on lullaby for ewan and wakeful night! I hope to make it your NYC FAWM gathering πŸ˜€

  • @reisupstudio  Feb 26

    Wow!! Are you writing a song a day?! I admire that!! Thank you so much for listening and commenting!!

  • @skittycat  Feb 26

    Hey 😁 Thanks for the lovely comment. Didn't think it was low enough to count as baritone LOL Maybe tenor at a pinch πŸ˜‰
    I'll pop on over and have a look x

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 26

    Read your bio. I will have a listen to the bards of gridlock sounds interesting when the dust settles on Fawm.

  • @spunky4455 Feb 24

    Thanks a lot for the compliments on my protest song! I know it's a common theme so I appreciate that you got through it.

  • @jibbidy34  Feb 23

    Oh my goodness Dupletarion Warrior you are AWESOME!! You took the time to write 200 comments and listen to all those songs! Thanks for your hefty contribution to our community. You have 200 thank you’s from your fellow FAWMers and from me! Excellent work and keep busting’ those zongs!!

  • @hamiltonpoolhall  Feb 22

    Baritone challenge! If I knew how to organize a skirmish (and had time to show up) that'd be a fun one.

  • @hamiltonpoolhall  Feb 22

    Saw your comment on @danvaillancourt 's page and I had the same trouble with Firefox at the start of the month. Turns out, however, that the player will work just fine in Safari, so that's how I've been listening. (Not that you'd know from the, ahem, paucity of comments I've made to date.) Dunno if Safari is a practical or palatable alternative, but there it is.

  • @tsunamidaily Feb 22

    you are doubly right. "there's wither in our rhyme" i'll stand by, but "of curse" was a typo for "of course" and after i laughed, i kind of liked the meaning better as the typo, so i left it. it does take a bit of poetic license, yes. and thanks for commenting on a couple of songs! i'm a bit busy from work but it is lightening up of late. i'm squeezing comments in and not able to record a couple of things i'm committed to. keep enjoying yourself!

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 21

    Thank you for your kind comment on you ask why <3

  • @danvaillancourt  Feb 20

    Hi Mike! Have you tried going to Tools and then Add-ons and clicking "always activate" on the Shockwave Flash option? (May need to restart browser after you change the setting.) My firefox didn't play initially and changed that setting and mine works like a charm. πŸ˜‰

  • @misterd Feb 20

    Thanks so much for listening and comments on my song ' waiting for the day to start ' . Much appreciated . Thankyou !

  • @angelinapowersuit Feb 19

    Haha thanks for the late night listen to Cream of the Crop, trying to lighten up a little πŸ˜€

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 18

    Sounds like our Guilds are about the same age. I bought mine new in early 1977. At the old Guitar Center they put me in the back with 5 or 6 of them that were on sale for minor blemishes and said take your pick. Amazing how different they were. I love this guitar. It's strung with D'addario XL-140 Light Top/Heavy Bottom electric strings. I use them on most of my guitars; acoustic and electric.

  • @aaronnathans Feb 2018

    I have the same problem with Forefox. I’m able to hear the music on my phone or by using Chrome as my browser.

  • @tuneslayer2018  Feb 2018

    hank you very much! Yeah, "Jones For The Highway" could easily have been me about forty years ago.

  • @wacha  Feb 2018

    Thank you for your kind words on "Seeds".

  • @cindyrella  Feb 2018

    Thanks Mike. I do hope that some day our songs won't be necessary, but I am beginning to feel hopeless.

  • @majordanby  Feb 2018

    Thanks for commenting on Make A Wish. I’m not sure about the mix in terms of the guitar effect. The lyrics were initially referred to John Lennon (madmen on the rampage, shooting stars), then the Stones and technology; a little muddled. (Karl).

  • @billysea  Feb 2018

    Thank you Mike. Glad to see you too!!! I didn't realize how much I missed it all till I started listening to everyone and forcing myself to sit down and write new stuff. I just wasn't equipped last year. Now I mostly confine my rants to one of my twitter pages lol. I'll probably put up 14 (baby steps haha) then spend the time catching up on everyone else's stuff. πŸ˜€ Thanks again

  • @kenjku  Feb 2018

    Thanks Mike! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, that is an electric w/ distortion and the reverb is cranked! Thinking maybe I need to bring down the level of those reverb tracks...but then it’s onlh a demo right?

  • @tuneslayer2018  Feb 2018

    Thank you for checking out "Can I Come Play At Your House", yeah it's depressing but all too much of a reality for a lot of kids.

  • @erikdidriksen  Feb 2018

    Still interested in that interface, or is your new preamp doing the job? I dug it out, but I'm having trouble finding the power adapter.

  • @mistermann Feb 2018

    Thanks for the welcome Mike! Still creeping for now but that might change soon!

  • @jibbidy34  Feb 2018

    Congratulations Centurion Soldier! You wrote 100 comments for your fellow FAWMers!! You made this place even better. You took your time to listen to other people's songs and you have 100 thank you's from all of them and from me! Here’s your badge. Excellent work and keep busting’ those zongs!!

  • @dreamscuba  Feb 2018

    Thanks for your comments on 'Own Your Own..."..>Demo up. Thanks

  • @aflinner  Feb 2018

    Sorry about that, thanks for wanting to listen to my songs! Are you using the most current version of Firefox? I'm using Firefox myself without issue. 😏 Hopefully the mods can get it sorted.

  • @cindyrella  Feb 2018

    There you are! Now why did it throw me off my watchlist? Thanks for your comments on my Trump song.

  • @asladders Feb 2018

    Re: Careless / Taylor - Glad to connect! Yes, the open tuning is regular old 'drop-D'. It's wonderful how that Taylor rumbles with that tuning. Thanks for your kind feedback. I wanna to throw a proper open tuning on a song this month. Know any good ones? Considering either DADGAD or an open-G (?) Cheers!

  • @billwhite51 Feb 2018

    thank you for listening to and commenting on measure of a man and raised in the rain. im looking forward to listening to the songs you hve been writing this month.

  • @ianuarius  Feb 2018

    Hey, sorry but I don't want to enable the downloads. Kinda sucks tho. If the player is unusable with Firefox, they should definitely do something about that.

  • @tsunamidaily Feb 2018

    i thought i had already greeted you. but no, so hey!

    all the best in these trying times.

  • @moonshadow Feb 2018

    Thanks for your comment on my Song
    have a good Fawm

  • @engebretsen  Feb 2018

    Thx for comments on "If I Said IΒ΄m Sorry" Much appreciated. I listen to your stuff a little later.

  • @zecoop  Feb 2018

    Thanks so much for listening... The bottom line is that whenever I write anything on keyboards I curse myself because I suck, and 'non-standard chord/melody choices' are really just things that happen on accident because I am fumbling around and playing by ear, lol. It all works out eventually. Appreciated the comment a ton. πŸ˜€

  • @annayarbrough Feb 2018

    Hello fellow New Yorker! Thanks for the welcome!

  • @erikdidriksen  Feb 2018

    Happiest of birthdays, Mike! Hope it's been a lovely one!

  • @unkept Feb 2018

    Thanks for checking out my "Never Saw Me" skirmish! 😁

  • @cloudboy  Feb 2018

    Thanks for the kind comment on "Out of Mind", Mike! Four already! I need to move.

  • @sjbatavia  Feb 2018

    I'm usually only in NYC during the week. Occasionally I am there on the weekends. It just depends on what I have going on.

  • @skylermf Feb 2018

    Thanks for letting me know about the soundboard thing, and thanks for the nice comment!

  • @haim  Feb 2018

    Thanks, have a happy fawm.

  • @hamiltonpoolhall  Feb 2018

    What?!! How did I get behind so fast on your songs?! Time to dive in...

  • @tiller2  Feb 2018

    Thanks, Mike, for your kind comment on my Dylan dream lyric. Looking forward to hearing your songs.

  • @sjbatavia  Feb 2018

    Hi Mike, I was in New York all week and got back last night. I'll be back on Feb 12. Are you in Manhattan? Been to the Flatiron Room several times for Monday night bluegrass, but they discontinued that. I've been thinking about checking out the Rockwood in the Bowery, but haven't gotten there yet.

  • @nuj4x Feb 2018

    I was so excited to check out your songs. I didn’t do it at first because I was truly afraid I’d just sit here and press repeat and leave no one any comments 😏 I loved Murder Ink so much!

    Let me get to those songs now πŸ˜€

  • @unkept Feb 2018

    Thank you for the kind words on "Special Day," and let there be more harmonica in our futures! 😁

  • @williamhaight Feb 2018

    Thanks for the feedback on Mike Pence.

  • @williamhaight Feb 2018

    I posted Mike Pence. I would appreciate your feedback.

  • @bithprod Feb 2018

    Thanks, I partly agree about the details and descriptions. I'm often torn between telling a story where people can sort of imagine the details themselves, thus perhaps relate easier, and to paint the specific image I've got in my head. And that might be a place people don't want to visit. πŸ˜‰

  • @natrin Jan 2018

    Hello! Happy FAWMing!

  • @robs  Jan 2018

    Have Fun! There is a lot to write about (fortunately/unfortunately).

  • @aaronnathans Jan 2018

    Happy FAWM!

  • @tan482  Jan 2018

    Hello from Australia! Happy FAWMing!

  • @erikaji Jan 2018

    Thanks for the welcome note! Happy FAWMing πŸ˜€

  • @jonmeta  Jan 2018

    Hey Mike, it's great to see you back here again. There's so much to protest this year, even more than last year! ha ha. I'm looking forward to the hope-filled cynicism of your lyrics and the rustic urbanity of your music.

  • @erikdidriksen  Jan 2018

    Saw your thread about mics & interfaces; I don't have any recommendations for condenser mics in the <$100 range, but if your machine has a FireWire port on it, I have a phantom-power-capable interface I'm not using that you're welcome to.

  • @tinattd  Jan 2018

    Hi Mike, have a great FAWM! What will the winter of the orange disaster bring?!

  • @sherrycanary  Jan 2018

    Hi Mike
    Looking forward to hearing your offerings

  • @bking  Jan 2018

    Hey Mike. Can't wait to hear what comes from you next.

  • @dragondreams  Jan 2018

    Hey, Mike! 😎
    Looking forward to hearing your songs, and maybe bantering in Slack Chat now and again. πŸ˜‰

  • @dani312 Jan 2018

    Looking forward to hearing some of your music this year ! Just a few more days!

  • @karlsburg25  Jan 2018

    Good to see you mate. bring on the FAWM!

  • @nancyrost  Jan 2018


  • @fearlessflight2014  Jan 2018

    So good to see you here again. πŸ˜€

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Jan 2018

    Mike, so good to see you still at it, as always. πŸ˜€ Onward, upward!
    I think you'd like a new song I wrote called "Very Stable Genius". πŸ˜€

  • @kahlo2013  Jan 2018

    Looking forward to hearing some great political music!

  • @johnstaples  Jan 2018

    Hey Mike! Happy FAWMing!

  • @musicsongwriter Jan 2018

    Thank you Mike. Likewise.

  • @zecoop  Jan 2018

    Hey there! It's getting close... I'm sure you have endless material just waiting to get out of your brain! Looking forward to hearing it πŸ˜€

  • @jibbidy34  Jan 2018

    Howdy Mike!

  • @ustaknow Jan 2018

    Hey @mikeskliar -- thank you! Go for it! Others will likely benefit from your generous thoughts! (She's sixteen, and I am getting daily video feeds of all kinds of stuff for which I have no clue. She found a video of NYC Steak Houses, hahhh 😝 , so, one-down)

    Me, I used to go to Broom St. and eat at "Food", gone now so many years.

    Anyway, thank you! Just go for it. I could be a nice side conversation other may enjoy too.

  • @cts  Jan 2018

    Whatup, brochacho!

  • @erikdidriksen  Jan 2018

    Pleasure seeing you 'round here as always, Mike!

  • @tootoobee  Jan 2018

    Hi Mike, happy FAWMing! πŸ˜€

  • @cairobraga Jan 2018

    here's to another year of making great songs, dearest! *clinking glasses of wine*

  • @rickatfulcrum Jan 2018

    Have a typically prolific FAWM!

  • @andygetch  Jan 2018

    Hi Mike, lets do this (again)!

  • @stuartbenbow  Jan 2018

    Happy FAWM!

  • @writeandwrong  Jan 2018

    Best of luck to you during FAWM 2018!

  • @seanbrennan  Jan 2018

    Happy FAWM! Not sure if my message will stay or if the site is being redone as I type... but hope to see you around this February either way!