Alex "metalfoot" 60


Morden Canada   Feb 2016

Artist Bio

Influences:   Good music of all genres! FAWM.

I am a song lover of all genres, but especially enjoying wordplay and clever tuneplay in all forms. Despite the 'metalfoot' username, I do not write the metal. More... um... folk/kids music. Having 3 kids 9 and under will do that to a person. The whole "metal foot" thing refers to a metal plate permanently inserted in my one foot after a particularly awkward fall which broke a bone in my foot into three pieces. Ouch. But that was 15+ years ago now...

FAWM 2016 was my first go-round and I managed a quite decent 36 tracks, mainly due to a host of wonderful collaborators and the inspiration of this excellent community. Now that I know I *can* do it, I probably won't go quite as hard at it, especially with the @metalfootlings (my kids, whose account I'll be curating and running) in tow this year.

Instruments likely to be misused in FAWM 2017:
- Seagull M4 "Merlin" (in profile pic)
- Lonestar Venice Mandolin
- Simon and Patrick Mahogany Pro acoustic guitar
- cheap Silvertone electric guitar
- Rogue ukulele
- Casio Celviano digital piano
- Bach Bb tenor trombone
- pBone Eb alto trombone
- tin whistle in D

I also discovered in FAWM 2016 that I like to collaborate, so feel free to ask!

UPDATE: 19 Feb 2017:
It's odd. I don't think I'm working as hard at writing songs as I did last year, but there are way more of them popping out of my head. Probably end up doing 50 this year.

Feb 24: Did I say 50? I meant 60. Or 65...

Songs (60)

#1 Alphabetical 24
3 weeks
#2 Beneficial 24
3 weeks
#3 They'll Meet At Tilbury's Tavern @kc5 19
3 weeks
#4 Holding On 16
3 weeks
#5 Churlish 12
3 weeks
#6 Dulcet 8
3 weeks
#7 That's The Way @metalfootlings 12
3 weeks
#8 Eccentric 18
3 weeks
#9 Space Travel 14
3 weeks
#10 Long Live The Vegetables @ajna1960  20
2 weeks
#11 Roots 19
2 weeks
#12 Negative One 19
2 weeks
#13 Off You Go (The John Version) @jaegerin  4
2 weeks
#14 Florid 10
2 weeks
#15 Gargantuan @metalfootlings 14
2 weeks
#16 Haughty 6
2 weeks
#17 Helga the FAWM Duck @sapient  23
2 weeks
#18 Ideal 7
2 weeks
#19 'It's Not About The Demo' @musicsongwriter 10
2 weeks
#20 Exhibit A (acoustic) @jamkar  10
2 weeks
#21 Jubilant 5
2 weeks
#22 Kaleidoscopic @metalfootlings 5
2 weeks
#23 Lethargic 5
2 weeks
#24 The Road to Dona Martina Dr 13
2 weeks
#25 The Tearoom Trinity @stephenwordsmith 6
2 weeks
#26 I'm Sorry 16
2 weeks
#27 Mysterious 11
2 weeks
#28 good golden gondola 7
1 week
#29 Numerous 9
1 week
#30 Oblivious 9
1 week
#31 Profound 7
1 week
#32 Field of Dreams @bithprod 8
1 week
#33 The Road Is So Long, Lord (@metalfoot Gospel version) @popmythology  22
1 week
#34 Quirky Love Song 7
1 week
#35 Quaint 6
1 week
#36 Keep On Playing Guitar @toms  14
1 week
#37 Rollicking 3
1 week
#38 Sesquicentennial 6
1 week
#39 Empty Page @petemurphy  6
1 week
#40 Terrestrial 2
1 week
#41 Uncouth 2
1 week
#42 The Pilot @levesinet 9
6 days
#43 Vile 11
6 days
#44 Whimsical 5
6 days
#45 Ice 12
6 days
#46 Xanthic 3
5 days
#47 The Gift 9
5 days
#48 But Real 10
5 days
#49 Enjoy The Earth 9
5 days
#50 Yappy 4
4 days
#51 Diluvian Dreams 6
4 days
#52 Zany 4
4 days
#53 Niobium 8
3 days
#54 The Day The Old Earth Shook @ajna1960  14
2 days
#55 Exhibit C- Exquisite Corpse @complexissimple 2
1 day
#56 Rock Jam 7
1 day
#57 Life With Young Children @jenfoss  8
14 hours
#58 Why Won't You Listen? 12
12 hours
#59 Bob 10
8 hours
#60 I Can't Forget @kc5 2
7 hours


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  • @vegansongs 6 hours

    Thanks for your comment on my song "Rise to Vote Sir". Skirmishes are fun!

  • @jibbidy34  10 hours

    Oh you can totally compare me to one of my heroes - Alanis. Cheers! 😀

  • @zecoop  19 hours

    Sent you an e-mail... 😀

  • @quork  1 day

    Hey, I have the same Seagull Merlin (in mahogany). I bought it for my three kids (9 and under also). Nice to run into you, and thanks for commenting on my zong.

  • @zecoop  1 day

    Yep... All of my electric guitars and basses are recorded with Line 6 PodXT and bass PodXT units that I have had since 2003. 😀

  • @zecoop  1 day

    Nicely done! Sounds like you had fun... One thing i cannot do at all is solo guitar jam. I am 150% rhythm guitar player, lol. I think I have one guitar solo that I composed for FAWM a few years back and I just change the sound on the amps so it sounds different each year in different songs. 😁

  • @odilongreen  1 day

    Thanks for the offer! And in equal seriousness, once FAWM is over and I'm in the revisions stage (as I plan to do with this concept album), I very well may contact you to open negotiations! 😀

  • @petemurphy  1 day

    Alex, any time you want to collab, just give me a shout, whether this FAWM, or another time.

  • @engebretsen  1 day

    Thank you for comments on "Who Will" Much appreciated!

  • @donna  1 day

    Totally agree. One of main reasons I start pining for FAWM round about the end of August each year 😉

  • @mishykatz  1 day

    Yay thank you ! I keep telling people, now I know how parents can love thirteen children... <3 Thanks! what a great feeling (holy cow fifty four?)

  • @donna  1 day

    Yeah, I got that. 😉

  • @ajna1960  1 day

    Morning Alex 😀 Help yourself to 'The Day The Old Earth Shook' 😀

  • @petemurphy  2 days

    Thank you, Alex. I'm glad you like it. I'm terrible at fingerpicking, so I might have to do a strummed version, especially after hurting my finger. I'll try to get an updated version done when I can. Cheers!

  • @petemurphy  2 days

    Alex, I just came up with this. I got the melody and chords for the verses, and the rest was mostly made up on the spot, so there are some differences in some of the sections, and some fluffed parts, but it will give a good basic idea of what came to me. This is just a worktape/idea, but I had to stop because my index finger on my fretting hand has started really hurting! I'm happy for you to use this version on FAWM if you like the idea (although my usual request to collaborators... don't tag me on facebook 😉 ), but I can do a smoother version at a later time...

  • @petemurphy  2 days

    Alex, I'm really sorry, I didn't see your tag (I'm not sure that the tag come through in the news feed when you tag in liner notes).
    Yes, I'd love to collaborate. I'll try to get it done in the next couple of days. Hope you're well, and hope you had a good birthday.

  • @candle 2 days

    Thanks for the comment on my version of Long Road. I'm not much of a gospel singer, so I figured something more mystical would work better for me.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @jaegerin  2 days

    If you would still like to, why don't you have a go at some music/vocals for the second "Off You Go" one? The John version!

  • @jaegerin  2 days

    Hi Alex, thanks for your comment on my parenting song 😀 Really appreciate it. I see you're doing really well here - great stuff!!

  • @acousticmaddie  3 days

    Thank you for listening on Felony! Really apprechiated!

  • @jwhanberry  4 days

    Thanks for your encouraging comments and support on my various superskirmish ramblings this past weekend. And thanks for running the thing. It was great fun playing with you and the other FAWMers for all those hours. Have a great week.

  • @leah0k 4 days

    Thank you 😀👍🏼 Also word on the street is you had a birthday. Hope it was a fun one!

  • @stephenwordsmith 4 days

    Hello, Mr. Metalfoot!

    Demo for 'Balthazar' is up, and well worth your while:

  • @spunky4455 4 days

    Thanks, I'm happy you liked my skirmish song. A lot of fun for me, and I hope to do a couple more this year.

  • @clioem  4 days

    Not rhetorical. Wow, that's... RATHER LOW. Like, legit legendary bass low, lower than any choir range I'd write. Good work.

  • @acromie 5 days

    I'm absolutely loving everything you've done with your abecedary! I might have to try that next year. So much fun!

  • @acromie 5 days

    Thank you for your comment on LaLa the Dinosaur!

  • @hazeyjohnii  5 days

    Thank you very much for your comment on The Gift - I finished it:

  • @levesinet 5 days

    I did a new mix of the Pilot and updated the demo. I thought the first mix didn't sound like you were singing in a concert hall. Too little reverb. This time I think the problem is distortion in the loudest parts. Always room for improvement...

  • @musicsongwriter 5 days

    Thank you for your kind words Alex but I sincerely meant what I wrote. I love your songs, singing and playing.

  • @musicsongwriter 5 days

    Thank you Alex, the lyric Is autobiographical lol. I often myself having sleepless nights/night/part of the night. Thank you for "a" suggestion.

  • @stephiesongwriter 6 days

    How do you have so many songs and have kids??! I'm so amazed!

  • @candle 6 days

    Wow, how am I supposed to keep up with you. You've got 44 songs! Forget 50/90 - you're almost at 50/28! Amazing.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @garlajoie 6 days

    Some very impressive sounding vocals from a laptop mic, I asked because they sounded very clear. Whatever works!

  • @jacobeverettwallace  6 days

    Haha thanks! Sounds like a song title. 😉

  • @fearlessflight2014  6 days

    Thanks for dropping by again!

  • @cindyrella 6 days

    That would be a little tough but I think would work.

  • @toms  6 days

    I like it. 😀

  • @jibbidy34  6 days

    Hey Alex. Thanks for listening to Loser Lover. It was a fun skirmish and interesting how 5 of us came up with a person when we read your prompt!

  • @arthurrossi 6 days

    Hi Alex! I wanted to thank you very, very much for bringing "The Pilot" to life by lending your awesome voice... Great performance, I am totally amazed how it turned out...

  • @zecoop  6 days

    Good grief I am way behind!! In any case, glad you want to use the drums,,, In any case, I would love to collab with you too, so maybe in addition i can come up with something for you to come up with lyrics and vocals for (and any other instruments). 😀

  • @thebschip 6 days

    Oh yeah, I updated the demo for "My Mind Goes Blank" and for "Sweet Wind" (the one with the Jennys sound).

  • @thebschip 6 days

    42... I guess you've found the meaning of life. 😉 Thanks for listening to all the tunes. 😀 I look forward to checking out the rest of your tunes, especially Helga's music. 😉

  • @sjbatavia 6 days

    Thanks for the comment on I Can't Stand You. I was a fun song to write and thankfully is not about anyone I know.

  • @levesinet 6 days

    Thanks again for doing an awesome job!

  • @levesinet 6 days

    It's up 8) I also notified Arthur.

  • @odilongreen  1 week

    40 songs already, 38 with demos?!? You, sir, are an absolutely monster in the production studio. 😀

  • @poptarthero 1 week

    Thanks for the comment! I don't make many...nice songs, but I was very inspired for that one.

  • @siebass  1 week

    I agree on the eating and music comment. Thanks for the comment!

  • @chandra83  1 week


  • @musicsongwriter 1 week

    Thank you Alex for your beautiful comments and support.

  • @kc5 1 week

    I can imagine with, what is it? three little ones?
    Wait until their teenagers--(run for the valleys!) you'll be buried under piles of laundry....unless you have no girls, then you might be okay.

  • @reggiestyte 1 week

    Thanks for "Bird Watchin'" with me & the thoughtful comments!

  • @marthie 1 week

    Thank you- and I hope you have a lovely day 😀

  • @gemhughs 1 week

    Thanks for your listen and comment on "For Me".

  • @gvgeis 1 week

    I thought I fixed that the other day. Is it still not downloadable?

  • @gvgeis 1 week

    Thanks ever for your listen to and comments on Dammit! Isle. I'm glad it brought you some giggles! The chorus was a happy and unintended development, but I definitely agree with you.

  • @ericdistad  1 week

    Cognitive Dissonance? Only a little.. 😀 But it was good!

  • @sapient  1 week

    Ha! I'm so glad you like it!
    I had rather a lot of fun doing it 😁

  • @musicsongwriter 1 week

    Thank you so much for your fantastic collaboration and great support Alex. Congratulations on winning many times over!

  • @sherrycanary  1 week

    Thank you for comments on It Wasn't Me. I was so amazed when they said it would be in the Philly Real Book.
    Congrats on your amazing productivity so far!
    I will be back to listen. Was away almost a week and trying to catch up with thank yous

  • @debs  1 week

    Very happy. They are all lovely! ❤️

  • @popmythology  1 week

    Ah, you're too kind, my friend! But, no, I don't think the various versions would count toward the FAWM goal of 14 (or maybe they would? I dunno!). But that's okay, I managed to reach 14 in my first two years of FAWM (much to my own great surprise) and knew when I started this year that I probably wouldn't be able to. But as always, I'm having fun, hearing a lot of great music, and meeting a lot of wonderful people and that's more than enough. Thank you again. It was you who got the avalanche for "The Road Is So Long, Lord" rolling!

  • @insaneian 1 week

    Thanks for the kind words on my "Back Again" song! You're making much better progress than I on your alphabet...looks like you're already up to Q! I have quite (no pun intended) a ways to go before I'm there...but awesome work!

  • @timfatchen  1 week

    Not surprised at all, no. If the metafootlings were mine, I'd play the sinfonietta through the 120W amp in the doorway aimed at the buskers and turned up to 11 each time one of them started up, to show them how it should be done....

  • @teapot 1 week

    Thanks for listening to my tracks and commenting on them! Just so great. Your feedback about the 'lost' song is lovely!

  • @petemurphy  1 week

    Thanks Alex. I'm not the greatest with chord names, but I think the chord at the start of I'm Sorry is a Gm6, played as 3rd fret of low E string, muted A string, open D, 3rd fret of G + B strings, and open high E.

  • @stephenwordsmith 1 week

    I'll let Tim Fatchen know you think he's short and humorous.

  • @caterwauler  1 week

    Thank you for your kind words as well, on my music and on Candle's tribute to @mojo. 😀

  • @musicsongwriter 1 week

    Thank you Alex. Please don't feel rushed, I'm always happy to wait.
    Have a great day.

  • @mattblick  1 week

    Thanks for commenting on Exploding Cigars. Would you be up for doing a bit of crowd vocals for the chorus? or even just a "thighs" harmony? or some Trombone gliss' ? deets here

  • @fearlessflight2014  1 week

    Thanks SO much for listening to Lie Down. Your kind words are appreciated. Was a little nervous about posting that one.

  • @deadhead  1 week

    Don't worry, I've got more of the 3in10 style instrumentals coming. Next up, the electric guitar. After? It's a secret 😉

  • @musicsongwriter 1 week

    Hi Alex, yes please feel free to add music. Please let me know if you would like me to add you.
    Thank you.

  • @musicsongwriter 1 week

    Hi Alex, cool plan. I'm as always very happy to wait. Have a great time.

  • @popmythology  1 week

    Thank YOU for taking an interest in my lyrics! I enjoyed our very first collab together. Also, super congrats on your spectacular FAWM victory!!

  • @iwilleatyou 1 week

    Perfect! Thanks for that link @metalfoot

  • @bithprod 1 week

    You too, buddy! Looks like you're on your way towards a gazillion songs. 😉

  • @kc5 1 week

    Oh! And I do LOVE what I do in ECE. There was not even a hint of sarcasm. I love it!

  • @kc5 1 week

    Yeah I was thinking of the foot kings possibly doing those parts as the song was in creation. 😉

  • @lia404 1 week

    Thank you very much for your feedback! To be honest as I'm all lyrics-only this month, I have no idea what kind of musical style I'd like for my songs... I guess I'll improve this with practice but for now it's very open. Keep up the good work! 😀

  • @jenfoss  1 week

    @metalfoot I'm realizing how little I'm going to be able to keep up with all the awesomeness you have here, but I'm going to give it a valiant effort! Thanks so much for your comments, I'll keep forging ahead!

  • @popmythology  1 week

    Hey, Alex! Feel free to play with those lyrics to "The Road is So Long, Lord." One of my former FAWM collaborators, Jim, said that he had some ideas for it as well and wanted to explore them after he had finished with his 14 songs. If you don't mind that there will be another version to it, then please feel free! I'd be honored. Let me know. 😀

  • @cindyrella 1 week

    I am sorry it was so much work but you all did such a wonderful job! Bravo!

  • @cindyrella 1 week

    Thanks to you and your sweet co-singers! Can I hug them from here?

  • @khowie  1 week

    Thanks for listening to "Better Time..." You are right that is not what I normally write. lol I'm getting a slow start to FAWM but hoping to pick up my pace.

  • @deadhead  1 week

    "The sort of music that you listen to while drinking a cup of tea and watching the world go by in the morning."

    That is exactly what I was thinking when trying to name Morning Meadow. Ultimately, I failed to come up with an apt name and Kristen gave me its current name.

  • @aprilm 1 week

    Thanks for checking out my "Mysterious" themed song! It was an interesting one to produce - the writing came easily - the recording was more challenging but I am happy with it and so glad you enjoyed it as well.

  • @deadhead  1 week

    Oh man, I'm finally going through all my song / soundboard comments from the previous week and you're all over! Thanks for listening to my many songs. It looks like I have lots of catching up to do with yours!

  • @hummingbear 1 week

    Thanks for the skirmish comments. My first thought on "I'm sorry" theme was the porridge in the ears, the second was the flesh-eating virus. Then I had to make it into a song. You appreciate that I have to run with what the muse gave me? (Feel free to use this marriage-saving tip if marriage counseling is a service you offer.)

  • @mungus  1 week

    Hey! Thanks for commenting on my track 'where you dedicated it all,' I'm glad you found it thought-provoking, thats the hope when I write all my music at least - looking forward to listening through your growing fawm series!

  • @famouspatrick  1 week

    Thanks for the thoughtful comment on my "Reflections" skirmish song. It IS crying out for the whole sad fiddle, weeping steel treatment.

  • @famouspatrick  1 week

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my "Gondola" skirmish song. I was just trying to do a Jimmy Buffett type riff at the start.

  • @arthurrossi 1 week

    Thanks so much for the kind comment!

  • @snoozin  1 week

    I appreciate your feedback and encouragement regarding 'Good Golden Gondolas'. 😀

  • @levesinet 1 week

    Tell me if you need a backing track or if I need to make some changes to the Pilot track so that you can better sing it. It's not easy because there are differences between the verses. I already struggled. And now I think the tempo may be a bit too slow. But I'm not touching it in case you're already recording.

  • @michaelbone 2 weeks

    That's awesome you are making kids music too! Children are magic. Great stuff!

  • @andygetch  2 weeks

    Thanks for the corpse idea, and my first mashup production LOL

  • @squeakmouse73 2 weeks

    Thank you, Alex, for your encouragement.

  • @clioem  2 weeks

    They'll remember all this with fondness. You're doing great.